In glorious celebration of our inevitable demise, Brock Wilbur reviews a different end-of-the-world film for each week of 2012, counting down cinema’s history of humanity’s finale.

Welcome to FILMPOCALYPSE! 52 Cinematic Visions Of The End.

Be it genius or abysmal, Wilbur explores each environmental catastrophe, plague-like infection, zombie outbreak, alien invasion, biblical prophecy, impending asteroid, and a fair share of “other” cataclysms. Spanning 96 years and a dozen countries, our cultural fears, motivations, and values are never more obvious than in the visual representation of our greatest nightmare.

FILMPOCALYPSE! is a collection of fifty-two reviews, forcing one critic to suffer through the wasteland for our greater good. From the comedic to the emotionally devastating, this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but Brock Wilbur.

This collection also features contributions by Kotaku’s Lisa Foiles, reviewers from The Junior Varsity blog, an Apocalyptic playlist, and a special introduction by the gamma-powered media studies superhero: FILM CRIT HULK.

Pick up FILMPOCALYPSE! today, before it’s too late…

Edited by Mike Cavalier
Illustrations by Brandon Vaughn

IMPORTANT NOTE: All copies of the book sold between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 will have their profits donated directly to KidSave International, which places orphaned youth in foster homes. Take that, Mayans!

Bookgasm Review:

FILMPOCALYPSE! is worth reading, no matter to which page your calendar is turned. Because he is a stand-up comedian by trade, you can expect the book to be funny. But it’s also quite thoughtful and unafraid to address some Big Issues; this is legit film criticism that just happens to contain some killer jokes. While his queue traverses nearly 100 years of cinema history, it also hops, skips and jumps among genres. As I would have with our world, I was sorry to see FILMPOCALYPSE! meet its end.

Amazon 5-Star Customer Review: BRILLIANT!

A brilliant, entertaining, devourable must-read for any film lover! Covering apocalypse films from all genres, whether biblical, environmental, zombie-related, and even romantic – Wilbur’s thoughtful, unique and witty voice illuminates the best and worst of 52 uniquely varied films on the same theme in ways that make you wish you could see films through his eyes. Great gift for yourself or any film buff in your life. Highly recommend!