brock party

This is a podcast called brock party. I invite over people that are interesting and we get interesting together. My co-hosts are Rob Ondarza and Joe Starr. We’re available for free through Stitcher and iTunes. Once a month, we also broadcast Tell & Show from the Lyric Hyperion Theater. This will go on as long as you keep enjoying it, so subscribe and comment on iTunes to keep this going. Click Here!

Show History:

Episode 76: Dave Sirus, Andrew Woods, Hana Michels
Professional troll Dave Sirus (Brick Stone), writer Andrew Woods, and comedian Hana Michels join with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr to discuss harassment, the Westboro Baptist Church, Microdongs, Archie Black, Too Much Batman, Horror Nights, Black Blood, Los Feliz, Sexual Plethoras, and so much more. Soundtrack by David Rees’ Aphex Swift mashup of Aphex Twin and Taylor Swift.

Episode 75: Andy Sell and Wednesday Weiss
Comedian Andy Sell and Portland’s own Comedian/Stripper Wednesday Weiss stop by to chat with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr about racism at orgies, spooky movies, vape pens, tequila, dads, s’mores, RL Stine, flying attire, childhood film trauma, death museums, dog fighting comedy shows, and so much more. Soundtrack by October People. Also check out Brock’s new album “Nightmare Fuel” on iTunes.

Episode 74: Todd Farmer, AJ Bowen, Jacob Gentry
Todd Farmer (My Bloody Valentine 3D, Drive Angry, Jason X), A.J. Bowen (You’re Next, The Sacrament, House of the Devil), Jacob Gentry (The Signal), sit down with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr to get real spooky, real fast. This horror roundtable is hands-down our favorite episode of the podcast, ever, so if you wanna get into the Halloween spirit, grab this episode nowish. Soundtrack by Cold War Kids. Also, check out Brock Wilbur’s new standup album “Nightmare Fuel” on iTunes and Amazon now.

Episode 73: Are You Afraid Of The Drunk? 2
All the coolest people who ever lived come to Brock’s apartment to play an annual drinking game concocted by his college friends: Are You Afraid Of The Drunk? Enjoy the drunken mishaps of a night of 90s terror and too much whiskey with episode selections from every damned Canadian season. Also, check out Brock’s new album “Nightmare Fuel” available on iTunes today!

Episode 72: Halloween Mix
Weird Episode. Here’s a mix of some random horror movie and game soundtracks for your October pleasure. If that’s not your thing, totally get it, because I annoy everyone in my apartment with too many horror vinyl soundtracks at all the wrong times of year. If you do dig this kind of thing, lemme know what’s on your nightmare mix that I missed.

Episode 71: Lydia Benecke, John Bobek
Musicians Lydia Benecke (NYC) and John Bobek (LA) sit down with Brock Wilbur to discuss dead eyes, vinyl records, African adventures, tour nightmares, theater experiments, text breakups, living free, creepy children, dumb birds, specific love, Kickstarter living, hypnotic songs, best buddies, alligator hunts, Lorde parodies, and so much more. Soundtrack is (naturally) provided by Blue Kid and John Bobek.

Episode 70: Zoe Chevat, Kathryn Malm
Comic book creator Zoe Chevat and assistant producer Kathryn Malm sit down with the Hosts to discuss magical girls, hip-hop interruptions, 80s punk manifestos, secret Asian countries, Entourage locations, James Bond missteps, Tim Burton educations, Margaritaville, and so much more. Soundtrack features The Klaxons.

Episode 69: Susanna Lee
Standup comedian and so much more, Susanna Lee, comes by to chat with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about cocaine, sex calls, Chicago, hip-hop invasions, Kansas City, road gigs, burlesque, home invasion, divorce, and a lot of other things that sound more fun when she says them than in a list format. Soundtrack features selections from In Utero: In Tribute.

Episode 68: Denver 6am
The Gang travels back to LA from Denver, following the previous night’s double album recording. Soundtrack provided by White Reaper.

Episode 67: Nicholas Daly Clark 2 and Disaster
Actor Nicholas Daly Clark and pop cultural analyst Andrew sit down with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Ashley Flowers to discuss a lot of different things and then something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Stick around for the second part of the interview when Nicholas says some very smart things, perhaps by accident. Soundtrack provided by Babymetal. If you’re in Denver on September 20th, come out to Voodoo Comedy Playhouse to catch Brock and Joe record their next albums.

Episode 66: Ron Babcock, Dani Fernandez, Joe Moses
Starkid Joe Moses and Comedians Ron Babcock and Dani Fernandez join Brock Wilbur, Joe Starr, and Rob Ondarza to discuss Harry Potter, Open Mics, Devil Sticks, Heart Failure, Ageism, Sex Clubs, Malort, Tablecloths, Pole Vaults, Dangerism, Catholicism, Nerd Tournaments, and so much more. Soundtrack provided by Louis XIV. On September 20th, come see Brock and Joe record their next albums in Denver at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

Episode 65: Matt Fraction, Caitlin Weierhauser
Eisner award-winning comic book writer Matt Fraction and Portland comedian Caitlin Weierhauser sit down with Brock Wilbur in Matt’s secret base on Endor to discuss Imposter Syndrome, Wolf Raising, Apocalyptic Visions, Nightmare Children, Iron Men, Video Games, Secret Passwords, Word Writing, Sex Clubs, Nipple Confusion, and so very much more. Soundtrack provided by Digitalism and Interpol.

Episode 64: Brendan McGowan and Chris Worthington
Comedian Brendan McGowan and Twitter personality Chris Worthington sit down with Brock Wilbur, Joe Starr, and Rob Ondarza to discuss The Simpsons, Chicago History, Conquering Hordes, Call of Duty, Death Salon, Voice Overs, Camelot, Walking Off Failure, Ties, Cheating, TV Writing, Land Purchase By Mail, Gin, and so much more. Soundtrack provided by Death From Above 1979.

Episode 63: Anthony Carboni, Guy Egan
Internet superpersonality Anthony Carboni and Brock’s freshman year college roommate Guy Egan sit down with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza to discuss alcohol, the Midwest, Florida, Roofies, Nature, Nature Hates You, We Have Concerns, God, Adventure, Video Games, Playstation, San Diego ComicCon, Nightmares, Grass Hockey, Snowpiercer, Gay Stuff, Too Drunkness, The Shining, Germany, and so much more. This week’s soundtrack is provided by Fartbarf.

Episode 62: Eric Toms
Comedian and screenwriter Eric Toms sits down with Brock Wilbur in a hot garage to discuss the mistakes he’s made throughout his lifetime, from making children to making films to making comedy a career. They hit on everything from celebrating failure to Roger Corman, Playboy, 2 Girls 1 Tug-Of-War, the genius of Demolition Man, and the top-of-the-mountain in performance art. Soundtrack provided by The Gaslight Anthem from their new album Get Hurt.

Episode 61: Ashley Flowers
Photographer Ashley Flowers sits down with Brock Wilbur to discuss the recent passing of her younger brother Op Flowers, and the two attempt to sum up his life in a manner that does justice to a loving yet misunderstood “professional agitator.” Saying good-bye is complicated, especially when stories have to be cut due to possible legal ramifications, but give this a listen join us in remembering someone who lived without fear or inhibitions. Soundtrack by Sir Sly and Coldplay, as per Op’s favorite songs.

Episode 60: Shock T’s
Chicago comedy band Shock T’s (Tyler Paterson, Sarah Shockey, and Tim Dunn) sit down with Brock Wilbur in an improv theater to discuss their World Tour 2010 album, their new TV pilot, horses, panic attacks, ska, church, violence, talent, misguided marriage, c-material, trashfood, books, sparkles, The Monkeys, the power of cars, and so much more. Music provided by, shockingly, Shock T’s.

Episode 59: Nathan Rabin
Author and critic Nathan Rabin does an in-store book reading and Q&A hosted by Brock Wilbur, covering material from his book “You Don’t Know Me But You Don’t Like Me” and standing up Brock at a man-date to see Phish, ruining their once budding friendship for all time. Juggalos, drugs, Parrotheads, a possible Kickstarter, a definite child, Limp Bizkit, Tango & Cash, Corey Haim, hooker beating Sham-Wow guy, Scientology, and more are discussed while attempting to avoid upsetting a small child and an adorable dog. Soundtrack including Weird Al and, of course, Phish.

Episode 58: Laura Sanders, Kamari Stevens
Comedians Laura Sanders and Kamari Stevens chat with Brock Wilbur and Brandie Posey out on the road, in the city of Columbus, about pot weddings, black hecklers, ageism, science nightmares, sweet puppies, pot family adventures, and so much more. Soundtrack is provided by Quasi.

Episode 57: Juliette Danielle
Actress Juliette Danielle stops by to play her first ever game of Cards Against Humanity with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr. In the process, they discuss Dead Kansas, exploding pigeons, various iterations of Ghost Sharks, lots of Wrestling, Comic-Con, this business we call show, British husbands, Hobby Lobby, puppies, and of course the cinematic masterpiece The Room. This week’s soundtrack brought to you by the musical group We Are Scientists.

Episode 56: Cara Ellison, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Mike O’Connell
Scottish video game journalist Cara Ellison, comedian Lauren Ashley Bishop, and storytelling show host Mike O’Connell stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about video game protagonist sperm, teenage vines, drunken glory, drunken shame, Telltale’s Winnie The Pooh gritty reboot, Chicago, travel depression, spooky adventures, sexy sexuality, poetry slams, and so much more. This is one of the best we’ve ever done. Soundtrack provided by We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Episode 55: Eli Olsberg, Ed Galvez
Two of the hardest working comedians in the game stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr. Eli Olsberg has been on The Soup, Just For Laughs, the franchised sex comedy show Performance Anxiety, and The Morning After… Podcast. Ed Galvez runs Westside Comedy’s eight-year plus showcase The Punk House, and has been on MTV and The History Channel. We discuss opening for music, roasting strangers, TJ Miller,, Jewish Christmas Birthday, dog auction, teaching, money for nothing, chicks for free, success? and so much more. This week’s soundtrack is provided by The Airborne Toxic Event.

Episode 54: Lynn Bixenspan, Katie Cunningham
Comedians Lynn Bixenspan and Katie Cunningham stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza on our most episode ever. Not sure what to do with this one, guys. Music provided by Deap Vally. Enjoy.

Episode 53: Melissa Villasenor and iam8bit
Comedian Melissa Villasenor (America’s Got Talent, Family Guy) and art gallery owners Jon M. Gibson & Amanda White from art gallery iam8bit sit down with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, Joe Starr, and an embarrassingly/aggressively drunk Nicholas Daly Clark to discuss Sim Poop, Art, Animal Crossing, Rap, Fear, Wealth, Bringer Shows, Owen Wilson, The Future Of Video Games, The Darkest Secret You’ve Ever Heard, Creeps, Alaska, Violence, Things It Is Illegal To Mail In The U.S. Postal Service, Value Art, What Jesus REALLY Believed, and so much more. Music is provided by Melissa Villasenor from her EP “Leap” which is not about Jesus but is totally available on iTunes.

Episode 52: One Year Anniversary with Beth Stelling, Amanda Mae Meyncke
Comedian Beth Stelling and author/costumer/director Amanda Mae Meyncke stop by to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Brock Party with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, Joe Starr, Todd Masterson, and Ashley Flowers. Topics discussed include Chicago, Cheeseburger Cake, Surprise Champagne, Watch_Dogs, Number Stations, Pajiba, Klout Firings, Lawyers, Podcast Wishes, Hey Qween, RuPaul, Pride, Knives, Vegas, Hashtag Wars, and so much more. Music provided by Babes and Big Data.

Episode 51: Max Borenstein, Shadi Petosky
Screenwriter Max Borenstein (Godzilla, Godzilla: Awakening) and artist/animation company president Shadi Petosky (PUNY, Yo Gabba Gabba) sit down to talk with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr about, Monsters, nuclear monsters, comic books, Movie 43, inspiration, adaptation, fighter jets, Hawaii, sick days, pronouns, God money, the internet’s questions, Arclight employment, and so much more. Music provided by Whitey and Honey Claws.

Episode 50: Adam Wilson, Susan Burke, Cutestreak Designs
Twitter philosopher Adam Wilson (@theleanover), “Smashed” screenwriter plus actor/comedian Susan Burke (@ThatSusanBurke), and artist Chelsea Patterson of Cutestreak Designs ( stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about Portland, Bridgetown Comedy, Etsy, elaborate online reviews, Smash, Smashed, adaptation, Crash, Aaron Paul, Big Fish, Drop Dead Fred, interventions, hoodies, poetry, work, French Mexicans, pizza tips, The Simpsons, Rectify, theme parties, internet subcultures, Frasier Cookbook, porno graphic design, Georgia, the really dance-y U2 albums, Google Maps for Suicide, Judge Reinhold, and so much more. Music provided by American Laundromat’s “I Saved Latin: A Tribute To Wes Anderson” which you should all check out.

Episode 49: Gaby Dunn, Joe Bilog, Allegra Ringo
Author Gaby Dunn (New York Times, Jezebel, Thought Catalog), writer Allegra Ringo (VICE), comedian Joe Bilog, and writer Emily Krauser (XO Jane) stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Joe Starr about horse names, extreme racism drafts, Maybe In Another Universe, Jezebel, Pistachio the Dog, lying to doctors, punk rock musicals, cancer, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Rules of Attraction, Don Jon, Pokemon, cancer, Craigslist wrestling, and so much more. Music provided by Survivor Girl off their EP “Gets Out Alive” which is available here

Episode 48: Dan Oster & Alexx Calise
Comedian and actor Dan Oster (MadTV, Lost Moon Radio, Titled Sketch Project), rock musician Alexx Calise, and producer Wes Michener stop by the podcast to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about celebrity apologies, dance moms, little covers, a cover song app, Dan Oster types, the second to final season of MadTV, The Panty Raid: Redemption, kiss’n and hug’n, James Hetfield, Patrick Warburton, Bryan Singer theories, a series of impressions, dumb college, time travel, and so much more. Saturday, May 17th is the big Lost Moon Radio 5 Year Anniversary show. Check out their website for details on these tickets. Music in tonight’s show is provided by Ages and Ages from Portland, Lost Moon Radio, and Alexx Calise (obviously).

Episode 47: Gordon Bressack, James Cullen Bressack, Erikka Innes, Brandon Vaughn
Animation writer Gordon Bressack (Pinky & The Brain, TMNT, Smurfs, The Real Ghostbusters) and his son, director James Cullen Bressack (13/13/13, Hate Crime, Blood Lake), join Brandon Vaughn (Ridiculousness) and Erikka Innes (Sex With Nerds) to chat with Brock Wilbur, Joe Starr, and Rob Ondarza about Thailand, little AIDS, Slimer vs. The Fonz, sarcasm, Christopher Lloyd, Reseda, lampreys, Animal Planet, Lady In The Water, blind viewers, Hitler, wrestling, Cool World, Demolition Man, baseball bats, medication, prostitution, Teenage Jesus, and so much more. Music is from Both and Conor Oberst.

Episode 46: Naomi Grossman, Hal Lublin
Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story) and Hal Lublin (Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome To Night Vale) sit down with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Mariel Neto to discuss the occult, sexual perversion, sexual coolneatthings, Record Store Day, suicide, auditions, ole timey radio, the fate of the Venture Brothers, spooky ghost stories, one woman shows, fan tattoos, Mars Attacks, Masters of Sex, Steve Carlsberg, asylum living, Ryan Murphy, PaleyFests, improv laughter, pilot shoots, pirate radio, The Upward Spiral, and all of the secrets about AHS season 4 even though the lawyers will tear us apart. Music from this episode is from Portland’s Sama Dams who I once ranted at while on Absinthe so hopefully they accept this airplay by way of an apology. Also a bonus thing from an awesome listener named Thomas.

Episode 45: Jen D’Angelo, Gabe Durham, Dave Rankin
On tonight’s episode, Brock Wilbur sits down with Jen D’Angelo (Cougar Town), Gabe Durham (Boss Fight Books), Dave Rankin (Gonzo! Comedy), and co-hosts Rob Ondarza and Joe Starr. Topics include Chrono Trigger, sanity meters, women tricking Dave, Galaxy Quest, the Atari wasteland, Bill Lawrence, chiptunes, open mics, The Shalhoubs, and our communal disappointment in Joe Starr. Music includes new tracks from Royal Blood and Future Islands.

Episode 44: Matt McCarthy
Matt McCarthy of The Pete Holmes Show talks to Rick Wood, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr about a lot of things, including murdering Brock Wilbur and taking of all his stuff, on this, the first Brock-less episode of Brock Party. Music is from the new Hold Steady album.

Episode 43: Richard Elfman + Whitmer Thomas / Mike Lawrence + Josh Mattingly
Oingo Boingo founder and Forbidden Zone director Richard Elfman comes by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about fundraising for Forbidden Zone 2, sexy vegetables, his little brother Danny Elfman, sexy monsters, Erin Holt, sexual violations in other dimensions, and the career of Whitmer Thomas (of Power Violence) and why everything should be named Power Violence. Then we have a short hangout with New York comedian Mike Lawrence and Indie Statik’s Josh Mattingly on the subject of time traveling father issues, McDonald’s, @midnight, The Wire, Bioshock Infinite DLC, and taking on the Empire vs. parking attendants. This week’s music includes new tracks from Danny Elfman for Forbidden Zone 2 (which you can contribute towards at and Black Gold’s Detroit.

Episode 42: Nicholas Daly Clark and Evan Gaustad
Screenwriting team and comedy duo Nicholas Daly Clark and Evan Gaustad stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur, Rick Wood, Rob Ondarza, and Mariel Neto about cop murder manifestos, Japanese cooking show universes, St. Vincent, crazy dead preachers, audition nightmares, crowd work, regret, despair, and absolutely nothing about pugs, but definitely some advice on marriage. Tonight’s music is provided by Your Enemies Friends.

Episode 41: Alex Hooper & Bobbie Oliver
Showrunners Alex Hooper (Crave) and Bobbie Oliver (Tao Comedy Studio, Eagle Rock Comedy Festival) stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr about Pasadena, drugs, raves, Dogs, dogs, DOGS, pug livin’, the 7 Stages Of Internet Fame Grief, switchblade combs, Burners, cats, #Woods, Carlton, swinging, raising sharks, accidental stabbings, and so much more. Today’s music includes Tame Impala’s “Elephant” and The Faint’s “Salt My Doom.”

Episode 40: Mariya Alexander
Comedian Mariya Alexander sits down with Brock Wilbur and co-hosts Rick Wood, Joe Starr, and Rob Ondarza to discuss growing up in Russia, butt-stuff, Communism, Noah’s Ark, Titanfall, the Oscars, a reading of Something Awful’s “Lovecraft Reacts to Star Wars”, punk rock living, how Los Angeles is not New York, Tequila Mockingbird, and so much more. Today’s music includes These New Puritans’ “Swords of Truth” and an 8-bit remix of the True Detective theme song.

Episode 39: Damien Fahey
Damien Fahey of MTV’s TRL and now Family Guy joins Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, Rick Wood, and Todd Masterson to make a bunch of random 90’s references, do random cutaway gags, confer as to whether Jake Fogelnest is actually Barksy, reality TV “stars” fighting over food, the overwhelming work it takes to be THIS cool, and so much more. This episode features music from the forthcoming albums by The Faint and Nico Vega, neither of whom would have made it on Total Request Live.

Episode 38: Cossbysweater & T.J. Chambers
Brock Wilbur and co-hosts Rob Ondarza and Joe Starr are joined by musician Allison Goertz (Cossbysweater) and TV writer/comedian T.J. Chambers for this week’s Brock Party. Topics discussed include Blink 182, Muse, beards, 14 hour days, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, ska bands, Joe’s junk, Biodome, mailing ideas to yourself, sampling musical theater, weird podcast crashers, sex apps, The Simpsons, Chiny, ghosts, Godzilla, continuity, Night Vale, and so much more before it completely falls apart. Music is brought to you by Sars Flannery, whose groovy tunes can also be found on the soundtrack to Your Friends Close.

Episode 37: Valentine’s Day
Brock Wilbur, Rick Wood, and Rob Ondarza celebrate Valentine’s Day together and discuss Florida, disappointment, Twin Peaks, Excitebike, heavy metal wine, Stone Temple Pilots, guns, Portland, drinking game comedy, #IAmSorry, Dumb Starbucks Parking, money on social media, the brilliant Rick Shapiro, and so much more. This week’s music is Twin Shadow’s cover of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” and Murder By Death’s cover of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Episode 36: Fake Cossbysweater Episode
Brock Wilbur sits down with Joe Starr and Allison Goertz (musician Cossbysweater) to discuss all kinds of cool things, but then Allison ran into some trouble with the LAPD… so please enjoy this fun episode of Brock and Joe discussing run ins with the police, Monday Night RAW, a weird but cool flesh-eating Hillbilly, and so much more. All music by the absent Cossbysweater, whose work you can grab here:

Episode 35: Lucia Fasano & Kyle McCormick
Brock Wilbur is up in Portland with Kyle McCormick and musician/comedian Lucia Fasano, celebrating both the Super Bowl and Lucia’s 21st birthday simultaneously. Topic discussed include horror director John Fasano, wine, sports, anarchists, disappointment, film adaptations of Alan Moore, fake musicianship, Flea, more disappointment, slurry words, and so much more. Opening theme is “Lovecraft In Brooklyn” by The Mountain Goats.

Episode 34: Film Crit Hulk
The caps lock heir apparent to Pauline Kael, FILM CRIT HULK, stops by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about his new book SCREENWRITING 101 (with introduction by Edgar Wright) and action packs our evening with valuable screenwriting advice, approaches to cinema, tales of battling evil do-ers, and a tearful remembrance of his favorite theater-going experience. Also including: being nice, black Christmas films, NOT SAVING THE CAT, lucky breaks, cut Frozen songs, The Place Beyond The Pines, Weezer, Paul W.S. Anderson, nightmares, love, the human condition, and the dangers of stem cell research. This is one of our favorite episodes yet and not to be missed. Intro theme is “Carlotta Valdez” by Harvey Danger.

Episode 33: Rye Silverman
Rye Silverman, comedian and author, joins Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, Rick Wood and Joe Starr for a discussion of regional grocery stores, confronting people, fluid gender, TMNT robots, trolling, 9/11 porno, Home Depot, caption work, punching up jokes about his brother’s death, and so much more. Opening theme is “Brain Cells” by Maximo Park.

Episode 32: Nick Hurwitch
Nick Hurwitch, co-author of “So You Created A Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide To Time Travel” joins Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr for a discussion of all things fourth dimension. The first version of the podcast didn’t record, so we travel into the alternate timeline to re-record all of our thoughts on The Final Countdown, deja vu, Primer, Mike Lawrence winning @Midnight, Donnie Darko, Dr. Who, Bryan Singer, terrible people, PKD, and so much more. (Probably our most ridiculous recording yet.) Opening theme is “Time Travel” by Blouse.

Episode 31: Hana Michels
Comedian and writer Hana Michels stops by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Rick about life under two “successful” therapist parents, drugs, New Years parties, music videos, Brick Stone, brain damage, the spirit of adventure, futurism, and so much more. Opening theme is “Something Awful” by Dead Unicorn off their album “Pandemic” (which I Kickstarted because it’s a concept album about various apocalypses and it’s pretty snazzy.)


Episode 30: Holiday Party With Strangers
Brock Wilbur, Rick Wood, and Rob Ondarza invited some strangers off the street to come get drunk and shout about nonsense while Christmas music plays in the background. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Episode 29: Alissa Orber & Sarah Morisano
Comedian Sarah Morisano and former America’s Funniest Home Videos producer Alissa Order stop by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Rick about 9/11, knife-pulling, improv, unemployment, racist improv, night-vision sex, serving coffee to celebs, and so much more.

Episode 28: Dan Wilbur
Comedian and writer Dan Wilbur stops by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Rick about the Wilbur family heritage, his book How Not To Read, Tom Petty, Lasers in the Jungle, Mandela, Hunter S. Thompson, Christopher Dorner, Thomas the Tank Engine in Skyrim, dead wrestlers, and so much more.

Episode 27: Heather Wood
Actor and writer Heather Wood stops by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Ashley about the movie Your Friends Close (available now at, her book, family members, professional clowning, and so much more!

Episode 26: Tell & Show December 2nd
Brock and Rick host a monthly show at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in LA, where each comic on the lineup brings a secret guest to perform with them, and not even the hosts know what kind of madness will occur. The December show featured Asterios Kokkinos, TJ Chambers, Myke Wright, Scott Boxenbaum, Joe Moses, Terrance Newman, Matt Champagne, and Matt Knudsen and all their secret guests!

Episode 25: Megan Rosenbloom
Medical librarian and death proponent Megan Rosenbloom stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about NPR, 9/11, accepting death, celebrating death, @subatomiccowboy, human skulls, Death Salon, reality shows, biodegradable body suits, The Order of the Good Death, illegal funerals, hot morticians, gay dance clubs, sad mortuary animals, Frankenstein’s dildo, Jill Tracy, and so much more.

Episode 24: Matt Monroe
Comedian Matt Monroe stops by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Joe about parking rage, Denver, Christine (the worst person in the world), forgotten phone numbers, kidnappings, Ryan Gosling, a German DJ, older closers, Seattle, flirting his way into a museum, and so much more.

Episode 23: Tell & Show November 4th
For the One Year Anniversary of Tell & Show we had a really incredible night, co-hosted by Nerdist’s Kyle Clark. Allison Goertz (Cossbysweater), Jan Davidson, Scout Durwood, Andy Peters, Grant Lyon, Joe Kwaczala, Greg Edwards, Ian Karmel, Ron Funches, and Sabrina Cognata brought some surprise guests (including two puppies) and made for one of our best shows yet. Give it a listen!

Episode 22: Adam Cozens & Are You Afraid Of The Drunk?
Comedian and writer Adam Cozens stops by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Todd about The Birthday Boys, his recent engagement, and much more. Then we play six rounds of the drinking game Are You Afraid Of The Drunk? with a room full friends. Listen in as we get progressively more bad at word speaking!

Episode 21: Amy Spalding
Author and performer Amy Spalding stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about The Reece Malcolm List, Ink is Thicker Than Water, Horror Nights, consensual cat sex, stalking teenagers for research, YA novels, never owning property, and so much more.

Episode 20: Virginia Jones
Gothic hero and comedian Virginia Jones stops by to talk with Brock, Joe, Rick, Rob, and Todd in the middle of the desert. Topics discussed include whatever was said while we were drunk because we were drunk and I’m afraid to listen to it so please enjoy.

Episode 19: Tell & Show October 7th
Brock and Rick host a monthly show at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in LA, where each comic on the lineup brings a secret guest to perform with them, and not even the hosts know what kind of madness will occur. The October show featured Brock’s album release (Crime Travel), Joe Starr celebrating his album release (Heroic Effort) w/ accompaniment by Rick Wood on piano, Adam Cozens watching a short film in a round with the director, Virginia Jones being sultry with basslines by Brock Wilbur, Chuck Watkins and his alter ego performing a song from a soundtrack to an 80s cop film that doesn’t exist, Klee Wiggins and her nitroglycerine from a German sex-tourist drugging, Dave Clay and friends juggling, and Paige Weldon divvying up ex-boyfriend items to the audience, and much more.

Episode 18: Tanya Knox
Therapist and comedian Tanya Knox stops by to talk with Brock, Joe, and Rob about maybe giving birth on the show, booze, SNL, Sutter Home, bad parenting, Amanda Bynes, Boards of Canada, The SixtyNineties, and so much more. Also, Brock’s album CRIME TRAVEL and Joe’s album HEROIC EFFORT are both for sale now!

Episode 17: Amanda Pendolino
Screenwriter and professional reader Amanda Pendolino stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about drinking, mushrooms, good TV, bad scripts, thinspiration, Mike Lawrence on Conan, David Caruso, The Go-Gos, Vine, Stories We Tell, and so much more.

Episode 16: Jon Schnepp
Director Jon Schnepp stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, Rob, and Joe about Metalocalypse, Venture Bros, The Removers, Club Dead, Space Ghost, Adult Swim, Devo, The Death Of Superman Lives, ABCs of Death, the cancelled Metalocalypse video game, comic books, being a goddamned hero, and so much more. Catch Jon doing a panel and premiering new footage at the Comikaze Expo in November.

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Episode 15: Tell & Show September 2nd
Brock and Rick host a monthly show at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in LA, where each comic on the lineup brings a secret guest to perform with them, and not even the hosts know what kind of madness will occur. The Labor Day show featured Lizzy Cooperman (visiting with the spirits; Jim Hegarty), Louis Peitzman (in a bad-date-off), Dave Rankin (freestyle rap competition), Hampton Yount (with guest Rob Gleeson), Emily Maya Mills (and puppy), Georgea Brooks (drunken simultaneous debate with Shawn Pearlman), Dave Sirus (and a fortune teller heckler), Hilary Adams (with a live band dispensing rap advice).

Episode 14: Megan Duffy & Bill Watterson
Actress and tiny human Megan Duffy stops by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Rick about drinking games, Disneyland, kitchen violence, the Maniac remake, Torchwood: Miracle Day, bacon, Burger King, getting choked during sex by Elijah Wood (everyone’s dream job), and 20 minute dance breaks. Then, Brock interviews Bill Watterson (lead actor of the video games Lost Planet 3 and LA Noire) at The W Hotel about rock bands, Curb Your Enthusiasm, cryptic tea pyramids, and more.

Episode 13: James Cullen Bressack & Chuck Pappas
Horror director James Cullen Bressack and actor/DP Chuck Pappas stop by to talk with Brock, Rob, and Joe Starr about location scouting, shooting on an iPhone 5, Nazi rentals, 13-13-13, Sharknado, Escape From Tomorrow, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, Miike, Vicious Dogs, Darkest of Days, To Jennifer, The Happening, Anthropophobia, a stolen oxygen machine, a found-footage Civil War film, and doing massive amounts of party drugs at fourteen.

Episode 12: Dave Schilling
VICE editor and comedian Dave Schilling stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about sex, sexuality, his recent engagement (sexual), video games (not sexual), masturbation (obvi sexual), Letters From My Therapist, Nothing (a comedy show), Entitlement (another more “real” comedy show), dead dads (not sexual), and much much more (sexual).

Episode 11: Adam Cayton-Holland & The Canyons
Comedian and actor Adam Cayton-Holland stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Monika about dog foreskins, Denver, The Grawlix, Those Who Can’t, America, comedy problems, hunting humans for sport, Kitchen Nightmares, numbers stations, Marc Maronization, Bryan Cook, Meltdown, piss, Andrew Dice Clay, and so much more. Then, Brock & Rob watch The Canyons.

Episode 10: Tell & Show August 5th
Brock and Rick host a monthly show at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in LA, where each comic on the lineup brings a secret guest to perform with them, and not even the hosts know what kind of madness will occur. Tonight’s show featured Jay Weingarten (and a Craigslist hookup), Sofiya Alexandra (and a dance party), Will Weldon (and the return of Emily Faye), Melissa Villasenor (and her travel companion with arm freckles), Diana De Luna (and a tap dancing clown), Allen Strickland Williams (and casual party dialogue with James Fritz), Hana Michels (and her sex heckler), and Andy Sell (with both a hug competition and special guest Ashley Flowers).

Episode 9: Brandie Posey
Writer and comedian Brandie Posey stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about Brendan McGowan, PBR, fiery Latin tempers, Lady to Lady, ICP, camping, the comedy albums of President Lyndon B. Johnson, breast reduction surgery, the cinema of Jim Carrey, feet, President Bill Clinton, watching movies with your grandparents, and so much more.

Episode 8: Sabrina Cognata
Writer and party monster Sabrina Cognata stops by to chat with Brock, Rick, and Rob about a great number of things, none of which would be appropriate to list here.

Episode 7: Sofiya Alexandra
Writer and comedian Sofiya Alexandra stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about Surprise!, the lottery, poverty, Godzilla, touring, Pi, sleeping ass to ass with Brock, death, attractive people being attractive, and Rick turning 30.

Episode 6: Todd Masterson
Fashion Police writer (striking) and standup comedian Todd Masterson stops by to talk with Brock, Rick, and Rob about dating Rob, casting disasters, Joan Rivers, DOMA, skateboards, Christmas Tree Juice (gin), The Last of Us, sweet tea, science, secrets, apples, and so much more!

Episode 5: Tell & Show July 1st
Brock and Rick host a monthly show at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in LA, where each comic on the lineup brings a secret guest to perform with them, and not even the hosts know what kind of madness will occur. Tonight’s show featured Kevin Hawkins (and the entire LA alt comedy scene), Stephanie Mickus, Robert Buscemi, Jackie Kashian, Bobbie Oliver, Matt McCarthy, Joe Starr, Razzle Dangerously, and all of their special guests!

Episode 4: Monika Scott
Standup comic and KCRW Producer Monika Scott chats with Brock, Rick, and Rob about surviving the shooting at Santa Monica Community College, fighting your audience, conspiracy theories, Nazis, heckling, Xbox One, getting punched in the face by both life and muggers. This one is pretty damn great.

Episode 3: Christopher Floyd
Video game designer and critic Christopher Floyd chats with Brock, Rick, and Rob about E3, Google Glass, dads, Muse, America, Jasper Byrne, cupcakes, next generation consoles, and most importantly: drugs.

Episode 2: Roger Wodehouse
Androgynous glam-rock icon Roger Wodehouse talks with Brock, Rick, and Rob about his BBC children’s show “Roger Wodehouse’s Androgymnasium”, a longstanding feud with David Bowie, the joys of Africa, and much, much more. Please note: there are some awkward pauses in this show where Roger was seducing the co-hosts and we weren’t sure how to edit around that.

Episode 1: Brandon Baruch
Brandon Baruch, LA’s finest stage lighting designer and author of the Fringe Festival Play “Me Love Me” sits down with Brock, Rick, and Rob to discuss his straight men, gay men, and the “catch and release” program by which he converts people both ways.



Here are some Brock Wilbur appearances on other podcasts:

Phil Kollar & StreamFriends
I’m on this video game stream with Polygon’s Phil Kollar with some regularity. I like to yell at Phil about being a bad parent while he tries to shoot pixel people and pretends we aren’t friends. It’s a real blast.

The Fogelnest Files: Episode 72: Sex Carl
Damien Fahey, Megan Koester, and Brock Wilbur join Jake LIVE from UCB-LA to look at some real dimwits. They’ll chat about some classic catchphrases, check out some guys hanging out in trees, and watch the worst video on the internet. As always, all the videos from this episode are over at!

Twin Peaks: Fire Talk With Me: Special #1
Comedian Brock Wilbur details his Twin Peaks Comedy Tour, which took him to original shooting locations for the iconic show. Look for more Specials posting on Thursdays throughout the rest of Fire Talk With Me‘s run.

The Friend Ship with Daniel Gauer: Ep 33 Down Home with Brandie Posey & Brock Wilbur
This week Allen and I welcome the lovely and hilarious Brandy Posey from the Lady to Lady podcast, as well as  the hilarious Brock Wilbur from the Brock Party podcast. We talk about Brandie and Brock’s tour,  murderous phones and my new nemesis.

The Paper Machete WBEZ: Kardashian App
Jason Meyer celebrates the anniversary of Millennium Park by commemorating its extravagant price tag. Then, Joey Dundale (Kill All Comedy) walks us through the pages of a Diary of Assisted Suicide in Britain. Last but not least, Brock Wilbur (Crime Travel) tells us about how the gaming industry is cashing in on the American brand known as the Kardashians.

Will Sean Podcast? Ep. 129 – Fishing With Dynamite
Brock Wilbur, comedian, musician, giant, astounds us with his diverse skills and talents. Through diligence and prolific attention not his craft, Brock has found a way to actually make money doing what he loves. Imagine that. A Sharknado devastated New York and we are going to sift through the wreckage. TMNT was unleashed on theaters, how much nostalgia is too much? OK Cupid is actively destroying our love lives; pretty sure we will be single forever. Apparently the devil learned how to text message, can tweeting be far behind?

Jon Reads The Paper: Episode 102: An Overflowing Space Toilet
Portland comedian Jon Washington reads the newspaper and Brock tries to follow along.

Leave The Memories Alone #3: WWF IN YOUR HOUSE: BADD BLOOD
Brock isn’t a wrestling fan. Listen to Erik & Joe try to help Brock wrap his brain around things like handicap matches, Mexican midget wrestlers named Mosaic, and Vince McMahon announcing Brian Pillman’s death between pro wrestling battles.

Lost Moon Radio: Episode 5: Cars
In which Jack (Will Greenberg) meets a weirdo at the DMV (Brock Wilbur), gets a smog check from his favorite mechanic (Jen Burton), and discusses the perils of the 405. Featuring the performances of Will Greenberg, Dave McKeever, Jen Burton, Dan Oster, Dan Mahoney, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Mikey Wells, Dylan Ris, Rich Ramberg, Jasmin Guevara, Brenton Kossak, and Lauren Ludwig. Special guest performance by Brock Wilbur. Produced by Dave McKeever. Directed by Lauren Ludwig & Frank Smith. Music Direction by Dylan Ris. Words and music by Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Ludwig, Rich Ramberg, Mikey Wells, and Dylan Ris.

The Fort Podcast: Episode 49
Comedian Brock Wilbur joins “The Fort” Podcast to talk about an odd murder, awkward 911 comedy, breaking a guys nose at a Ben Folds concert and a guy with one hell of a scheme to get people to pay for his cocaine habbit. Brock can be seen performing and stand-up around the country. He recently released a comedy special called “28 Years Later.” Brock, Kevin, Ed and Mike perform two radio sketches: “The Reluctant Drug Smuggler,” written by Ed Galvez and “Sexiest Man Alive,” written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for “The Fort Wrap-up” as Ed talks about seeing the new OZ film.

The Sex Buddies: Episode 14
Ed Galvez, Dave Sirus, Alison Stevenson, Brock Wilbur, and Darcy Silviera discuss sex on the radio.

aPODcalyptic Times: Episode 81: Brock Wilbur
Brock joins aPODcalyptic Times for Episode 81 with John Derby, David Duarte and Travis Spencer for a discussion on comedy (his special 28 Years Later), writing and…the apocalypse!

Movie Night: Episode 17 – Star Trek: Into Darkness
Comic and actor Brock Wilbur joins Dwayne and TK to talk about JJ Abrams nerd-gasm, Star Trek Into Darkness.

War On Idiocy: Episode 7
Brock Wilbur and Rick co-host a weekly show at iO West in Hollywood every Sunday. Recently they sat down to talk about conspiracy theories, the state of the music industry and psychedelic ramblings.

Stupid Smart Kids: #1 Firsts
Stupid Smart Kids is a live monthly storytelling show held at The Copper Still Bar in L.A. The first show kicked off on May 14, 2014, with the theme “firsts.” Hosted by Joe Bilog, the show featured writers and comedians Brock Wilbur, Emily Krauser, Georgia Hardstark, Will Link, and Beth Stelling talking murders in Kansas, Disneyland rollercoasters, pot Rice Krispie treats, S&M clubs, and ugly ex-stepdads. Get more SSK info at

The Pre-Game Podcast: Brock Wilbur + Karl Hess
We’re joined by Comedians Karl Hess and Brock Wilbur. We talk about Catfishing, bringing knives to threesomes and mistaken identities in the woods.

VGWcast #6: Heckle Us About Video Games
Brian is joined by Staff Writer Brock Wilbur. They get constantly distracted while trying to talk about Valve, Grand Theft Auto V, and how the Vita and Wii U are making substantial comebacks.

Respect The Danger of Knives: Episode 141
Brock Wilbur has just released his new stand-up special “28 Years Later” on Scott and I talk to him about suicide, Christianity, failed (almost) marriages, and stand-up comedy. Take a listen!