Brock Wilbur is a 6’7″ thirty-something white male from Los Angeles who is angry about the kind of things thirty-something white males tends to be angry about, but like, different somehow.

We recommend Brock Wilbur if you’ve ever experienced the following symptoms:
– Anxiety from having too many ideas in your brain
– Delusions of pop-culture superiority
– Book reading (only the cursed kind)IMG_5356
– Recurring thoughts of escapism
– Fear of a darkness that dwells inside you

If you believe you are a good candidate for Brock Wilbur, we prescribe his one-hour comedy specials, of which there are three. Nightmare Fuel (Splitsider’s Best Indie Albums of 2014), Crime Travel (Pandora Radio’s Top Comedy Albums of 2013) and 28 Years Later, which are available through Rooftop Comedy. He is also the writer and star of the video game thriller Your Friends Close and the co-writer of the award-winning nudist comedy Act Naturally.

Wilbur has appeared on Comedy Central, NPR, NBC, Adult Swim, VICE, Entertainment Tonight, Playboy, BitesizeTV, Huffington Post, Hopeless Records, Pajiba, Lost Moon Radio, various national commercials, and a guest arc as the antagonist in the award winning Top Cow Comics series “A Voice In The Dark.” He has headlined for The Comedy Store, Portland’s Helium, Laugh Factory, NerdMelt, HarpoonFest, Lost Weekend, Scruff City Comedy, Cape Fear Comedy Fest, SexPot Comedy, Laugh Riot Grrrrl, LA Storyworks Festival, Flapper’s Burbank, American Mess, Loud Village, KC Anti-Fringe, The Grawlix, Ice House, Comics & Comics, and the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival. In the Los Angeles area he produces bad-ass shows, the weekly podcasts BROCK PARTY and Laughing At Archaeologists, the Ready! SET Art!!! web-series, and previously ran comedy for the prestigious Hollywood Fringe Festival.

“Wilbur is a comedian that will quickly enrapture audiences with quirky and original material, appealing to multiple tastes in nerdiness and pop-culture alike… Make no mistake; the material is flat out funny.” -America’s Comedy

“Brock certainly has a keen sense of irony. His style is like if Patton Oswalt was an excited puppy who couldn’t wait to show you a story he just found. Get this album, and leave time to listen to it twice so you catch all the jokes.” -Splitsider

“Wilbur soars with impressive comic effects. Highly recommended.” -Nathan Rabin, The Onion A/V Club

“Ambition that matches his mountainous physique. Also, profoundly unsettling.” -Denver Westword

“Pop-culture obsessed comedian Brock Wilbur taped Crime Travel on video inside a video store, an effect that makes it look as if the special was filmed deep inside the dystopian universe of Videodrome.” -Playboy

“Consider Brock your new obsession.” -Comedy Cake

“Trust me, this dude is going places, take this chance to say you knew him when.” -Joanna Robinson, Pajiba


“The Jiro of Comedy!” -Late Night Action

“One of those performers who seems to come out of nowhere, and then they’re EVERYWHERE. I don’t think he’d have it any other way; the man’s certainly got work ethic. Wilbur has managed to pull off what takes most comedians a decade.” -Megan Rosenbloom

“Brock Wilbur brings a very unique brand of caustically hilarious, self-deprecating humor to the stage. His wit is rooted in a hyper-intelligent, visionary world-view uncommon of someone his age and experience. I really look forward to seeing what comes next from this affable, giant jokester!” -Amazon Review





This is a podcast called brock party. I invite over people that are interesting and we get interesting together. My co-hosts are Rob Ondarza and Joe Starr. We’re available for free through Stitcher and iTunes. Once a month, we also broadcast Tell & Show from the Lyric Hyperion Theater. This will go on as long as you keep enjoying it, so subscribe and comment on iTunes to keep this going. Click Here!



Laughing At Archaeologists is a Doctor Who podcast featuring Brock Wilbur and Rye Silverman, two LA comedians that (mostly) love the adventures of a double-hearted time traveling alien. The show starts at the humble beginnings of the 1963 broadcast and moves forward into modern times, and features the occasional guest companion. Like us on Facebook. Subscribe and rate us at iTunes.



The first Monday of every month we host TELL & SHOW. Each performer brings a secret guest or item and is given 10 minutes to either split their time or share the stage. No one, including the hosts, know who the surprise guests will be. Past performers have brought a jazz band, stunt performers, nude models, drug addicted parents, other comics, themselves from the future, an intervention, homeless friends, their favorite fuck, the person they lost their virginity to, the entire LA alt comedy open mic scene, and much much more. The show is always free at the beautiful Lyric Hyperion Theater. Brock Party now broadcasts the show the morning after at or on iTunes. (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS)



Each week, before taping brock party. we invite our guest to look at a piece of art with us, because there is nothing more informative than watching people watch art. View the whole series and Subscribe for updates.



Phil Kollar & StreamFriends
I’m on this video game stream with Polygon’s Phil Kollar with some regularity. I like to yell at Phil about being a bad parent while he tries to shoot pixel people and pretends we aren’t friends. It’s a real blast.

The Fogelnest Files: Episode 72: Sex Carl
Damien Fahey, Megan Koester, and Brock Wilbur join Jake LIVE from UCB-LA to look at some real dimwits. They’ll chat about some classic catchphrases, check out some guys hanging out in trees, and watch the worst video on the internet. As always, all the videos from this episode are over at!

Twin Peaks: Fire Talk With Me: Special #1
Comedian Brock Wilbur details his Twin Peaks Comedy Tour, which took him to original shooting locations for the iconic show. Look for more Specials posting on Thursdays throughout the rest of Fire Talk With Me‘s run.

Twin Peaks: Fire Talk With Me: Ep 24 – The Condemned Woman
Brock Wilbur is our first-ever return guest (he previously appeared on our first Special), and he rejoins Allie & Jeremy at a critical moment.

The Friend Ship with Daniel Gauer: Ep 33 Down Home with Brandie Posey & Brock Wilbur
This week Allen and I welcome the lovely and hilarious Brandy Posey from the Lady to Lady podcast, as well as the hilarious Brock Wilbur from the Brock Party podcast. We talk about Brandie and Brock’s tour, murderous phones and my new nemesis.

The Paper Machete WBEZ: Kardashian App
Jason Meyer celebrates the anniversary of Millennium Park by commemorating its extravagant price tag. Then, Joey Dundale (Kill All Comedy) walks us through the pages of a Diary of Assisted Suicide in Britain. Last but not least, Brock Wilbur (Crime Travel) tells us about how the gaming industry is cashing in on the American brand known as the Kardashians.

Gilmore Guys: Ep 410
Brock Wilbur joins to talk about Gilmore Girls ep 410 The Nanny and the Professor.

OBSESSED: Ep 71 – Dexter
Comedian and writer Brock Wilbur is obsessed with the TV show Dexter. Wrap your home in plastic and thrill to such light fun discussion topics as serial killers, being a jerk on twitter, magic murder amulets, creative swearing, and Flordia! Fun! Also, did you know there’s a Dexter rap? I’m sorry, but there is.

SideOneDummy Storytelling
Record label storytelling show.

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction – Ep 110 Round 1
Round 1 featuring Robert Buscemi, Mike O’Connell, Erik Allen, Solomon Georgio and Brock Wilbur. Recorded April 16, 2013 at Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles.

Will Sean Podcast? Ep. 129 – Fishing With Dynamite
Brock Wilbur, comedian, musician, giant, astounds us with his diverse skills and talents. Through diligence and prolific attention not his craft, Brock has found a way to actually make money doing what he loves. Imagine that. A Sharknado devastated New York and we are going to sift through the wreckage. TMNT was unleashed on theaters, how much nostalgia is too much? OK Cupid is actively destroying our love lives; pretty sure we will be single forever. Apparently the devil learned how to text message, can tweeting be far behind?

Jon Reads The Paper: Episode 102: An Overflowing Space Toilet
Portland comedian Jon Washington reads the newspaper and Brock tries to follow along.

Archie Black
Faux-documentary about the world’s worst comedian.

Free Therapy: Episode 2
The hosts bring on LA standup comedian and screenwriter Brock Wilbur to share his thoughts and feelings. Hana interrupts Brock’s therapy, plus Barry doesn’t know who Nicki Minaj is.

Leave The Memories Alone #3: WWF IN YOUR HOUSE: BADD BLOOD
Brock isn’t a wrestling fan. Listen to Erik & Joe try to help Brock wrap his brain around things like handicap matches, Mexican midget wrestlers named Mosaic, and Vince McMahon announcing Brian Pillman’s death between pro wrestling battles.

Player’s Choice: Brock Wilbur and Zombies At My Neighbors
A Portland basement and lots of video games.

Talking Marriage: S2 E4 Comedians In Car Ports
Time to take off those dunce caps, Marriage Marionettes, because Ryan Bailey is putting on his professor’s helmet to teach comedians Esther Povitsky, Melissa Villasenor, Brock Wilbur and Matt Knudsen the mathematics of relationships.

Lost Moon Radio: Episode 5: Cars
In which Jack (Will Greenberg) meets a weirdo at the DMV (Brock Wilbur), gets a smog check from his favorite mechanic (Jen Burton), and discusses the perils of the 405. Featuring the performances of Will Greenberg, Dave McKeever, Jen Burton, Dan Oster, Dan Mahoney, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Mikey Wells, Dylan Ris, Rich Ramberg, Jasmin Guevara, Brenton Kossak, and Lauren Ludwig. Special guest performance by Brock Wilbur. Produced by Dave McKeever. Directed by Lauren Ludwig & Frank Smith. Music Direction by Dylan Ris. Words and music by Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Ludwig, Rich Ramberg, Mikey Wells, and Dylan Ris.

Internet Shock Quiz
Just the worst.

Cash_Lair Ep3
Escort of Doom

The Fort Podcast: Episode 49
Comedian Brock Wilbur joins “The Fort” Podcast to talk about an odd murder, awkward 911 comedy, breaking a guys nose at a Ben Folds concert and a guy with one hell of a scheme to get people to pay for his cocaine habbit. Brock can be seen performing and stand-up around the country. He recently released a comedy special called “28 Years Later.” Brock, Kevin, Ed and Mike perform two radio sketches: “The Reluctant Drug Smuggler,” written by Ed Galvez and “Sexiest Man Alive,” written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for “The Fort Wrap-up” as Ed talks about seeing the new OZ film.

The Sex Buddies: Episode 14
Ed Galvez, Dave Sirus, Alison Stevenson, Brock Wilbur, and Darcy Silviera discuss sex on the radio.

aPODcalyptic Times: Episode 81: Brock Wilbur
Brock joins aPODcalyptic Times for Episode 81 with John Derby, David Duarte and Travis Spencer for a discussion on comedy (his special 28 Years Later), writing and…the apocalypse!

Movie Night: Episode 17 – Star Trek: Into Darkness
Comic and actor Brock Wilbur joins Dwayne and TK to talk about JJ Abrams nerd-gasm, Star Trek Into Darkness.

War On Idiocy: Episode 7
Brock Wilbur and Rick co-host a weekly show at iO West in Hollywood every Sunday. Recently they sat down to talk about conspiracy theories, the state of the music industry and psychedelic ramblings.

Stupid Smart Kids: #1 Firsts
Stupid Smart Kids is a live monthly storytelling show held at The Copper Still Bar in L.A. The first show kicked off on May 14, 2014, with the theme “firsts.” Hosted by Joe Bilog, the show featured writers and comedians Brock Wilbur, Emily Krauser, Georgia Hardstark, Will Link, and Beth Stelling talking murders in Kansas, Disneyland rollercoasters, pot Rice Krispie treats, S&M clubs, and ugly ex-stepdads. Get more SSK info at

Progressive Boink 141: Jurassic World
Yelling about bad dinosaurs with Brock Wilbur.

Come To Your Senses: Episode 54
“Boom!! Welcome to Come To Your Senses with Carlos Jaime. On this special episode, comedian Brock Wilbur joins Carlos to see the trailers of The Lazarus Effect starring Mark Duplass and Donald Glover and Unfinished Business with Vince Vaughn. Wait! Donald Glover in a horror movie and not in a comedy with the guy from The Full Monty? There is also a news story dealing with a crazy women who made a dream house for a couple a nightmare. Oh there is a bonus trailer from the most independent filmmaker. It’s called Spaceman and it’s cray cray. Please dude, come to your senses!”

The Pre-Game Podcast: Brock Wilbur + Karl Hess
We’re joined by Comedians Karl Hess and Brock Wilbur. We talk about Catfishing, bringing knives to threesomes and mistaken identities in the woods.

VGWcast #6: Heckle Us About Video Games
Brian is joined by Staff Writer Brock Wilbur. They get constantly distracted while trying to talk about Valve, Grand Theft Auto V, and how the Vita and Wii U are making substantial comebacks.

Respect The Danger of Knives: Episode 141
Brock Wilbur has just released his new stand-up special “28 Years Later” on Scott and I talk to him about suicide, Christianity, failed (almost) marriages, and stand-up comedy. Take a listen!