Brock Wilbur is a 6’7″ thirty-something white male from Los Angeles who is angry about the kind of things thirty-something white males tends to be angry about, but like, different somehow.

Albums available here.

We recommend Brock Wilbur if you’ve ever experienced the following symptoms:
– Anxiety from having too many ideas in your brain
– Delusions of pop-culture superiority
– Book reading (only the cursed kind)IMG_5356
– Recurring thoughts of escapism
– Fear of a darkness that dwells inside you

If you believe you are a good candidate for Brock Wilbur, we prescribe his one-hour comedy specials, of which there are three. Nightmare Fuel (Splitsider’s Best Indie Albums of 2014), Crime Travel (Pandora Radio’s Top Comedy Albums of 2013) and 28 Years Later, which are available through Rooftop Comedy. He is also the writer and star of the video game thriller Your Friends Close and the co-writer of the award-winning nudist comedy Act Naturally.

Wilbur has appeared on Comedy Central, NPR, NBC, Last Podcast On The Left, Polygon, Adult Swim, VICE, Entertainment Tonight, Hard Times, Rock Paper Shotgun, Paste, Playboy, BitesizeTV, Nerdist, Huffington Post, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Hopeless Records, Lost Moon Radio, various national commercials, and a guest arc as the antagonist in the award- winning Top Cow Comics series “A Voice In The Dark.” He has headlined for The Comedy Store, Funny or Die, Portland’s Helium, Laugh Factory, NerdMelt, HarpoonFest, Lost Weekend, Scruff City Comedy, Cape Fear Comedy Fest, and more.

“Wilbur is a comedian that will quickly enrapture audiences with quirky and original material, appealing to multiple tastes in nerdiness and pop-culture alike… Make no mistake; the material is flat out funny.” -America’s Comedy

“Brock certainly has a keen sense of irony. His style is like if Patton Oswalt was an excited puppy who couldn’t wait to show you a story he just found. Get this album, and leave time to listen to it twice so you catch all the jokes.” -Splitsider

“Wilbur soars with impressive comic effects. Highly recommended.” -Nathan Rabin, The Onion A/V Club

“Ambition that matches his mountainous physique. Also, profoundly unsettling.” -Denver Westword

“Pop-culture obsessed comedian Brock Wilbur taped Crime Travel on video inside a video store, an effect that makes it look as if the special was filmed deep inside the dystopian universe of Videodrome.” -Playboy

“Consider Brock your new obsession.” -Comedy Cake


“Brock Wilbur brings a very unique brand of caustically hilarious, self-deprecating humor to the stage. His wit is rooted in a hyper-intelligent, visionary world-view uncommon of someone his age and experience. I really look forward to seeing what comes next from this affable, giant jokester!” -Amazon Review