I’m Brock Wilbur. I was raised in a small Kansas town, I went to college at Northwestern in Chicago, did ten years in LA and now bounce between there and Kansas City.

I write books, video games, and movies for a living and I perform standup comedy because I have a lot of ideas that feel better when they are shouted. I didn’t fully believe I was a journalist until I helped expose the NXIVM cult to the world. I also do some acting and music and tap dancing (when no one is looking) but you probably didn’t come here for the tap dancing.

My portfolio is here.

I do some music and a bit of politics. I’m also a mental health advocate and a huge proponent of cuddling one of the three ridiculous kittens that lives with me and my wife. I’ve also ghost-written a number books for celebrities that you may have read. Maybe you don’t know how much you like me yet.

I wrote the video game thriller film Your Friends Close and co-wrote the award-winning nudist comedy Act Naturally. I’ve been featured at Comedy Central, NPR, NBC, Crooked Media, Last Podcast On The Left, Funny or Die, Polygon, Adult Swim, VICE, Entertainment Tonight, Hard Times, Rock Paper Shotgun, Playboy, Paste, BitesizeTV, Nerdist, Huffington Post, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Hopeless Records, Pajiba, Lost Moon Radio, various national commercials, and a guest arc as the antagonist in the awar- winning Top Cow Comics series “A Voice In The Dark.”

In the standup world, I’ve headlined for The Comedy Store, Portland’s Helium, Laugh Factory, NerdMelt, The Grawlix, and more. These experiences have taught me a lot about how to read/entertain a crowd, and those skills have bled into everything else I make.

In the podcast world, I host too many shows, and produce much bigger ones, including at Crooked Media in Los Angeles. I’m also a regular on a number of alt/classic rock radio shows in the KC area. When no one is looking, I make cooking shows and marry people for The Pitch KC.

If you’d like to have me work on something you’re making, it never hurts to ask.

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