October 2017 Update

Hey lots of incredible stuff in the works here. Time to fill you in:

I have a book with Nathan Rabin for the Boss Fight Book series about the video game POSTAL. You can pre-order over here because it is good.

I have a podcast about emo music with TheBlackNerd called The Coolest Kids that allows us to explore all emo/post-hardcore albums together. We’re like ten episodes in and it is super good. Also, it’s a reference to a Brand New song, we actually don’t like ourselves.

Also moving to Missouri with my wife. Oh, I have a wife. Vivian Kane is the head feminist opinion writer over at The Mary Sue. Follow her here.

I wrote about mental health and video games over at Paste in a big fun piece.

I also wrote about a multi-level marketing firm in a thing that was kinda important. More to come on this.

There’s a lot of Great Brock Wilbur Writing here to catch up on.