January Update: Your Friends Close, Trevor Moore, Portland

Our indie film about video games and terrible people is now available for rent or purchase from… right here:

Just got back from eight days of shows in Portland. Aside from having to deal with a terrible bird, this Portland trip has been exceptional. It’s rewarding to see how quickly these performers improve, thanks to supportive audiences who are genuinely invested in what comics are doing, and dipping into that world has been the best use of time I’ve given standup. On Friday, I did a 35 minute set of entirely new material at The TARDIS Room and it was easily the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. I was also a guest on Alex Falcone’s Late Night Action along with comic author Matt Fraction, which was fairly surreal. I wanted to thank everyone who has gone out of their way to catch a show this week, say something, book me, drive me, alcohol me, brunch me, or carry me on their shoulders like a conquering champion. Keep Portland Weird, but like, not weirder okay? You’re there. You’re good.

A video I appeared in with Trevor Moore just got released by Comedy Central, to coincide with Justin’s DUI arrest in a bit of fortuitous timing.

I’ve also started writing for Pajiba. My first few posts have covered vinyl records, free standup comedy, and 8-bit film adaptations. Trying to help fill the shoes of the terrific Joanna Robinson who just got drafted by Vanity Fair and wishing her the best there. I’ve also added pieces on 2014: The Year of the Apology and Amy’s Baking Company heading back to Kitchen Nightmares.

On the BROCK PARTY podcast we’ve had a run of great guests including FilmCritHulk, Rye Silverman, some friends in Portland, Fake Cossbysweater, and time travel author Nick Hurwitch. I also appeared on Jon Reads The Paper. (This is real. All of it.) I did a Wrestling podcast about 1997 WWF Badd Blood with Joe Starr and Erik Barnes a few months ago, which is out now.

Some photos here, from Jason Treager and Pat Moran.