2014 Wrap-Up

Hello friends!

Realized that between touring and various commitments that this space for “bi-weekly” updates has been ignored since July. I’d love to rectify that with a quick update of what’s been going on and what you can expect to see from me by the end of the year.

I spent over a month on the road with Brandie Posey, doing shows across the country in arcades, ice cream parlors, theaters, music venues, backyards, bars, and anywhere else the people of this great country felt obligated to connect a microphone to speakers. This was my first extended cross-country endeavor, and one I engaged with the express purpose of determining whether road life was a) a viable financial model without being a part of the club comedy circuit and b) whether it was something I could do / would enjoy / could survive. No only is alternative comedy thriving in every city we visited, but I had one of the best months of my adult life, and made more new friends than I can count. My sincerest appreciation to every person who came out to support us, especially those who drove (unreasonably) long distance to see us do our thing. To everyone who gave us a place to crash, you’ll never know how heartfelt my thanks is, especially if you had never met us before and saw a serial killer woodsman type next to a girl with blue hair and crazy-eyes, but still thought “ABSOLUTELY THEY SHOULD SLEEP WHERE I SLEEP.” Brandie is a voice I’d always looked up to and a person that exemplified the quality of character I want to believe this form can present. Amongst our many late night, don’t-fall-asleep-at-the-wheel-let’s-not-burn-to-death conversations, I came to understand that while we want the exact same things from this medium, her journey to reach the same place has been vastly different from mine. It’s with that in mind I implore you to subscribe to Lady to Lady Podcast on MaximumFun. Everyone involved is a delight, and as they approach episode 100 you can hear an evolution of comedy far more deserving of your weekly attention than most.

That last day of the tour coincided with the death of someone very close to me in the same city. To everyone who attended the KC show, thank you for making that hour of comedy one of the highlights of my life and a powerful reminder of (look I know it’s cliche but it isn’t) the power of laughter. It’s easy in LA to forget why you go out night after night to shout your stories at bar patrons in hopes that they’ll offer you up a tribute of a few moments of attention in exchange for a sacrifice of your private humanity. The entire tour was action packed with moments that made me believe this career path wasn’t the worst choice I could make, but that night in particular was the kind of (not the right word) atonement that made me proud to have come so far in comedy that I could do a show under those conditions, but to also make it good enough that it became a redemptive experience for the others in the audience who were dealing with his passing at the same time.

Upon my return to LA, I ran into a brick wall of personal and interpersonal issues, which I opted to deal with by running away, since it was my last month of my twenties and I thought I should do something childish while I still had the chance.  I booked a “Brock Wilbur Runs Away From His Problems Tour” which took me up the coast through SF, Portland, and Seattle, and then back down. I also used the trip as an opportunity to visit all of the filming locations from Twin Peaks, I show I have always loved. My adventure in that area has been documented on Allison Goertz’s podcast Twin Peaks: Fire Talk With Me. The trip wound up being an excellent choice, as it turns out some of life’s problems can solve themselves without you losing your mind. I also started Laughing At Archaeologists: A Doctor Who Podcast with my close friend and co-conspirator Rye Silverman.

I turned 30 last week. I was on stage at the Westside Comedy Theater, doing 45 minutes on the Punk House show before driving to Denver the next morning at 4am. I looked at my watch just before midnight, and started laughing, because it had not occurred to me that I would usher in such an important moment while performing on Ed Galvez’s show; a gentleman who has been a supporter and guiding light since I first took up comedy things. Me and the boys from Brock Party drove to Colorado and recorded my next album at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, after I did a set on the famous SexPot Comedy 420 Show at the Oriental Theater with Dan St. Germain. I spent the end of my thirtieth birthday sitting in a karaoke bar with my mother and sister, watching a total yahoo try to win back his ex with his song choices. Perfect day.

In mid-October, I’ll be headlining Portland’s Helium comedy club and in November I’ll be one of the comics performing in Knoxville for the Scruff City comedy festival, alongside Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction’s Bryan Cook. I’ll probably hit up Atlanta and a few other cities in that area, but I’ll give you information on that (and on the album release) when I’ve got them finalized.

Thanks, as always, for coming on this journey with me.