Second Album Release Info & Recommended Listens

Next Tuesday marks the release of my sophomore comedy album “CRIME TRAVEL” which will be available as a pay-what-you-want download through this site. We recorded it in SF on September 20th in the basement of Lost Weekend Video, and I am goddamned proud of the final product. Courting Comedy wrote a profile on my taping earlier that week. We had a great audience in a sold-out room, we got selected as “Event Of The Night” by a couple SF blogs, I kicked out a drunk piece of shit heckler, later there were burritos– you know; the dream.

On Monday, Oct 7th we are turning TELL & SHOW into a dual release party for my album and for Brock Party co-host Joe Starr, who releases his debut album “Heroic Effort” on the same day. I opened for that taping and it’s a pretty excellent record from an awful guy. Not an awful performer, just an all around not great person. Joe, you’re fired from our friendship. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. That show is at 8pm at the Lyric Hyperion Theater and totally free, with a bunch of great performers, as always.

Oct 19th marks the start of a new weekly show called Comedy ROBOT that I’m co-running with The Nerdist’s Kyle Clark and Lady-To-Lady’s Brandie Posey. We’re operating out of the Eagle Rock Lounge and doing something similar to Brandie’s old 4&20 show, by giving comics a much longer set than most LA shows. This has been something we’ve been waiting to launch since March, so I couldn’t be happier that we’re launching out of such a great venue, and with such an awesome list of upcoming performers.

Brock Party has just broken 10k listens and we’re only 17 episodes in. Last week we had Metalocalypse’s Jon Schnepp and this week we had script doctor Amanda Pendolino…. and also an explanation from Rick as to why he was too shattered to speak during the Jon Schneppisode.

Our movie YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE is going to get a release later this month. More details on that when we set our final date. I was also in a webseries called Devil’s Couriers where I play The King Of The Hipsters, so give that a watch. (I’m like episode 20 so that should be out in a couple days.)

As mentioned before, our blog the Junior Varsity is wrapping up after five years in operation. We’re going out with a bang of 100 daily posts until the end of the year. Here is the landing page for all of that information, as we wind down.

I’ve got some new articles up on VGW including an interview with Lost Planet 3’s lead actor Bill Watterson, and reviews of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the special edition DLC for stealth platformer Mark of the Ninja. VGWcast #6 is up today where Brian Shea and I discuss GTA V, Ducktails, the Valve reveals, and being too drunk to talk about video games (it’s kind of a beautiful mess.)

Megan Thompson directed this music video for Anarbor’s “It’s A Fact” featuring their biggest fan… a guy who loves watching people that totally know he is there OH MY GOD is there where my desire to hunt people comes from? Probably. Anyhow, this is proof that the Warped Tour still exists.

With my new album coming out next week, which for me kind of wraps up my creative year, I wanted to share a very short list of albums (and two books) that I think you should look into. There is something very specific about comedy wherein your peers can also be your influences. I never felt that in music, because my peers were also struggling bands and my influences would never give a shit about me if they met me. So here are the projects that friends made this year which, upon listening to my completed album, I can feel their direct influence.

Mike Lawrence – Sadamantium
Mike is the fucking best. Undeniably the hardest working person in comedy, and he’s found a way to weaponize disappointment. A great first album from a comic that everyone will know in the next few years.

Robert Buscemi – One Pretty Peacock
Rob adheres to strict joke-writing formats, which allows him to make the subject matter limitless and ridiculous. This album is the closest I’ve experienced to a “flight of fancy” which is only improved by the fact his voice sounds like pancake syrup. Mmm.

Sofiya Alexandra – Voicemails To Self
This podcast has been a constant source of entertainment the last few weeks, and I cannot wait for the second season. Sofiya’s mix of caps-lock therapy and degradation finds the perfect platform on this episodic narrative, and the special guests are just icing on the cake. This one is free, why aren’t you on it already?

Ian Douglas Terry – …And Out Comes The Ghost Horse
Ian is the most effortlessly funny human being I have ever met. Also, his album has Tim Kasher instead of just ranting about a man-crush on Tim Kasher, so he really one-ups my debut.

Holy Fuck – Live Comedy
The best possible introduction to the world of alt comedy and the LA scene. Everyone is on this. You already have it because you were on it.

Rachel Bloom – Please Love Me
Ugh. I do not like performing with Rachel Bloom. She is an impossible act to follow because I do not sing about my problems, and then I try to, and it does not go well. Track down the award winning music videos which accompany this.

Adam Cayton-Holland – I Don’t Know If I Happy
Adam’s Grawlix show in Denver is my favorite show I’ve ever attended, and his Amazon pilot “Those Who Can’t” should’ve been picked up ten times over. Also, he likes birds. We should all take a little more time to appreciate birds.

Xander Deveaux – Obsessive Repulsive
Xander had to leave Portland (for reasons detailed in the album) and it marks a perfect end-point to a period in his life. He’s kinetic and dangerous and one of the least predictable human beings I have ever encountered and perfectly within his element on this recording. Bonus points: some times he tap dances. Not on this record, that wouldn’t translate. Still, get it.

Bobbie Oliver – The Tao of Comedy
Bobbie has an album out called Finally! that’s a blast, but her bigger influence on me this year came from this book which teaches her philosophy of comedy writing and performance, along with a no-bullshit approach to the business and politics of what we do. A great read from someone who gives a lot back to the comedy scene and runs one of the most welcoming venues in town.

Nathan Rabin – You Don’t Know Me But You Don’t Like Me
Yes, this is also a book and not even about comedy, but Nathan’s writing on the culture of both Phish and ICP fans was my favorite thing this year, beyond any film or album or video game. I don’t know if it was the timing in which I read it, based on what was happening in my own life, or whether he’s just that good (he is) but it made me re-evaluate, cry, yell, and laugh like an asshole. It’s a thing you should have in your life. Now. Right now. Go get it. I’ll wait.

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