Recording A New Comedy Special In San Francisco

Thrilled to announce that I will be taping a new hour of standup material in San Francisco on Friday, September 20th at 9pm.


The recording will take place at Cynic Cave, which is in the basement of Lost Weekend Video, one of the last great indie-video-rental stores. Fitting with the theme of the venue, we will be shooting only on VHS and Beta tapes, most of which are taken from the store itself. The project is directed by San Francisco’s experimental video artist Patrick Wilkinson, who has been one of my closest friends since we once failed to adapt a Lovecraftian short-film back in Chicago. George Chen, who runs Cynic Cave and has been cool enough to let us use their space, will be performing at the event, as is my regular co-host Rick Wood.

The venue is very intimate, and tickets will be made available online soon. Admission is free and alcohol will be provided, but we ask that you only sign up for a ticket if you’re sure you can attend. First come, first serve on the very limited number seats available. It’ll be one hell of a night and I look forward to seeing you there. If you aren’t familiar with my standup material, I’ve just made the first special 28 YEARS LATER available for free on YouTube, including out-takes and bonus material.

In preparation for the taping I’ve been hitting the road. I just got back from Portland and I have some great touring gigs coming up, including a very special evening in Omaha on August 3rd. I’ll be headlining at The Sydney, then stopping by O’Leaver’s which is owned by the band Cursive, to pay some emotional debts. The brock party podcast has also seen an incredible increase in listeners over the last month, and the Ready! SET Art!!! webseries is just as goddamned bizarre as we hoped it would become.

In sadder news, it looks like we’ll be cease publishing on Junior Varsity after four years of excellent work, as the writers involved have moved on to bigger and better things. Don’t worry, we plan on going out with a bang. In the meantime, some of those bigger things for me include new weekly articles on and MXDWN music magazine, in addition to my regular reviews on The Script Lab.

I was a guest on this week’s SEX BUDDIES radio show, the broadcast of which you can hear in full by clicking here. Tonight, I opened for Joe Starr in the taping of his first hour long special, and I cannot wait for you guys to hear the excellent show we recorded from inside Hypno Comics in Ventura. Thanks to everyone for coming out and packing the place!