28 Years Later Is Free All Week To Help Eddie Creer

Sometimes your heroes won’t like you.


Eddie Creer was my choir teacher in high school. He taught me more than anyone in my hometown about performing in front of people, about controlling my voice, and how to have a problem with authority. While Mr. Creer was the only teacher I had all four years of school, he sent me to the principal’s office at least once every two weeks, because we didn’t get along. Or more accurately, because I didn’t think the rules applied to me, and Mr. Creer took every opportunity to remind me that they very much did.

Our contentious relationship frustrated me to no end. It wasn’t until years later that I realized how important his influence had been on my life. No other adult outside of my family pushed back against me as hard as I pushed against the world. Mr. C respected me enough not to give up, even when he probably should have. I owe him.

Then, he served a very similar role in my little sister’s life. Not so many detentions, but plenty of tough love. And he served a very similar role in the lives of thousands of other students over the 28 years he’s been teaching at South High in Salina, Kansas. He’s trained dozens of students that have gone on to perform on Broadway or tour the country in various musical groups; his influence has helped so many people achieve their dreams, me included.

Late last year, Mr. C was diagnosed with blood cancer.

I took part in a fundraiser for him over the holidays, but only now do we know the full extent of his needs. In order to save Eddie Creer’s life, the medical procedures for the bone marrow transplant cost more than two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars. His family savings and medical insurance will only cover a percentage of that. In order to save Eddie Creer’s life, the community needs to raise seventy-thousand dollars.

$70k to keep Mr. C alive. It’s… a lot. And there’s a very short time to do it in.

From Monday, April 15th to Monday, April 22nd, I’m putting my comedy special 28 Years Later on Vimeo for free. There’s a button “Tip Jar” next to the video, and if you think the hour and fifteen minutes of entertainment is worth a few bucks, every dollar of your donation will go towards helping save Eddie Creer. If you purchase a copy of the special/album through my website or if you pick up a copy of my book FILMPOCALYPSE! in this week, all of the money from those sales will go to helping Mr. C as well.



Thanks in advance, from everyone who had Eddie Creer, and all of the students who will learn from him in the future thanks to your help.

(Also, this week happens to have the birthdays of some of my other heroes, including Tim Kasher and H.P. Lovecraft, both of whom are covered in the special. Timing is everything.)


In other updates, I’m performing on Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Tuesday night at NerdMelt in Hollywood, and I’m on the NOTHING House Party show Friday the 26th, if you want to come out and catch me.

I’ve also done a few podcasts in the last couple weeks, including The Fort Podcast, a character for Lost Moon Radio,  Paul Laier’s Dead In A Pitch where we invented a Philip K. Dick movie in 15 minutes, and Matt Blackwood’s What Were We Talking About? where I discuss my love of South Park.

The next big TELL & SHOW is at Lyric Hyperion on May 6th at 8pm. I’ll be announcing the lineup this week, and you should totally make it to this one!