Why I’m Filming A Comedy Special

Hey Internet,

I’m filming a comedy special on September 18th, at Club Fais Do-Do here in Los Angeles. The show is at 8pm and it is completely free. Some of my favorite comics in town are dropping by, PBR is giving us booze, there will be food, and then cameras will record your laughing at my failure so I can share it with the world.

I’ve been in standup for just over a year, so why record a special now?

First, it’s my 28th birthday; hence the title 28 YEARS LATER. A friend of mine once said that if you move to LA and haven’t made it by 28, you never will. This doesn’t apply to me, because I’m wildly successful. Wildly. Okay, maybe I’m sneaking this one in at the last second. Existence = Validated.

Second, I want to be good at this. The performers I look up to have a process: Work material for a year, record a special, retire all of those jokes, and start anew. If I want to be a professional (someday), I don’t see any reason not to start this process now. If you come out to see this show, not only are you getting an excellent evening of entertainment, but you’re investing in seeing a much better comedian September 18th of next year.

Third, it is the scariest thing I can possibly do… and that tends to serve me well. I wasn’t sure if standup would be the right thing for me, I wasn’t sure if I could book and host a weekly show at iO West, I was terrified of running a two week long comedy festival for Hollywood Fringe Fest… and these were the highlights of my year. This is way scarier, thusly more awesome? And then, when I have a show two days later, I’ll need to have a brand new set. No matter how much I love my Hitler joke, I can never use it again. Hitler was my safety; my go-to. Now it’ll be comedy without a safety net. A Hitler safety net…

Fourth, if this goes well, we’ll be recording a lot more of these. There’s a bunch of crazy talented comedians in LA and if the production plan on this works out, it’ll open the doors for lesser known comics to compete in a bigger way. Not only is coming out on this Tuesday night an investment in seeing a better Brock Wilbur in 2013, but it’s an investment in a better comedy scene for our city.

Fifth, you are so hot. Yes, you. I need someone real sexy in my crowd shot and I thought we might just put a camera on you all night. Damn, you fine!

See you there! (Share the info if you can!)

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