Release of 28 Years Later & FILMPOCALYPSE!

One hell of a month. Time to catch up.

My comedy special Brock Wilbur: 28 Years Later was released and is available for download through the site, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music. I got a few requests for the music we used, so here’s a free link to download the songs I recorded, including my attempt at jamming all of the Goblin stuff into one track: Soundtrack Folder Download. Followed my release with a bit of support touring, including the Best Fish Taco One Year Blowout and a trip up to San Fran with Sofiya Alexandra and Matt Monroe. Got to open for W. Kamau Bell and here’s a photo of him with his token black friend:

My book FILMPOCALYPSE! 52 CINEMATIC VISIONS OF THE END was released on 12-12-12 through this site, Amazon, and Kindle. All sales between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 go to benefit KidSave International. Of all the kind words I’ve received on this excellent book, the best is from Joanna Robinson over at Pajiba:

FILMPOCALYPSE! also features an intro by my wonderful friend Film Crit Hulk, the adorable Lisa Foiles, and all the great kids over at The Junior Varsity. We had a dual release party with Elemenopy and their Beastie Boys tribute side project. I joined them on stage for a cover of “Girls” and I didn’t mean to shout that much profanity.

Mike Cavalier, who edited the book, did his own wonderful intro to the book, that is printed here: Through the Fire and the Flames (A prelude to the Filmpocalypse)

I’ve been on a few podcasts, including APODCALYPTIC TIMES, Respect The Danger of Knives, and Rick Wood’s War on Idiocy. I was also written up in a little post on photographer Megan Rosenbloom’s site.

In January, I’m starting a new monthly show out of the Lyric Hyperion Theater called TELL & SHOW. More information is available here.

I wrote about the meta musical [title of show] for Amy Spalding’s Musical Theater Monday.

Here’s a g-chat conversation between 28 Years Later director Joe Filipas and The Junior Varsity’s Mike Cavalier, as Joe made sure the zombie intro sequence made sense. I love these guys soooooo much and I think you can see why: