On Becoming A “Professional Comedian”

Tomorrow I’m releasing my first comedy special: 28 Years Later. It will be downloadable for your viewing pleasure. If you’re trapped on the East Coast, hopefully it can help entertain you through the nightmarish hell-scape happening outside.

This is my first day as a “professional comedian.” Not because I’m releasing a special, but because this is my first day of unemployment. I am no longer a “professional” anything else, and I intend to dedicate everything I have towards making “shouting about sadness” my full time jam.

Earlier this month, “Exquisite Corpse,” the book I co-edited, was released – with all the profits going to help orphans and foster youth. The next day, I was laid off from the job I mistakenly thought I’d be working for at least the next five years. Considering I don’t do many “good” things for “others”, I find Karma’s sense of humor almost as cruel as my own.

I remained with the company, wrapping up projects, until today. Now I get to pursue the thing I love, with a quick stop by the California Unemployment Offices. I’ll come home and watch Fight Club, to remind myself that having only condiments in the fridge is an acceptable way to live, and then start treating comedy as my full-time job. I’m prepping new material for a tour starting in January, and we’ll see if can keep the lights on between now and then.

The special will be available as both a stand-alone file (one 75-minute show) and as a deluxe option, with a lot of fun bonus material and deleted scenes. If you go with the bigger option, the money will not only go towards helping me reach January, but also towards allowing me to compensate everyone involved in this project appropriately. A lot of friends deserve more than a high-five for the excellent work they did on this.

Or take a few seconds and share a link to with your friends when we go live. Every little bit helps, and I thank you in advance.

Will Weldon is throwing an album release party at Lola’s tonight at 8pm (945 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood) with a bunch of great comedians. If you’re in LA, come grab a drink with me.

If you aren’t, please enjoy 28 Years Later tomorrow and let me know what drinking game you invent to go along with it. I recommended you kill a beer each time I have an existential crisis. Those are the rules I play by. Especially today.

Thanks everyone!