LA: Brock Wilbur Wants To Give You A Library

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I’m taping a comedy special (28 Years Later) on September 18 at Club Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles. I set aside some money for marketing, but I don’t want to clutter your Facebook sidebar or print out a bunch of flyers people would just throw away CUZ THE ENVIRONMENT. I decided to do something permanent and worthwhile with the money, and I bought a small library. It’s made from the wood of an old barn by an Amish farmer named Henry Miller (I could not make this up.)

Now it needs a home. Spread the word about the show and you spread the word about the library… maybe it’ll find a home near you. Maybe it’ll find a home with you! If you think you could care for it, and you live somewhere in LA where a good number of people would come into contact with it, then let me know. Respond on YouTube, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter (@brockwilbur), or email booking [at] deathoftheweekend [dot] com

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Fais Do-Do: 5257 West Adams Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90016

Read about the LittleFreeLibrary movement here:

(Video soundtrack from the game FEZ which you should buy and play right now!)