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Filmpocalypse #5: In The Mouth Of Madness / Mid-February Stand-Up Shows

This week, Filmpocalypse #5 gets old school (Lovecraft & John Carpenter) with In The Mouth Of Madness, running on The Junior Varsity, The Script Lab, and Save Point. Do not adjust your monitor. There is, indeed, a scene in this film where the entire world turns Willy Wonka blue.

Also, is there anyone more deserving of our love than Sam Neill? Answer: Val Kilmer. That’s about it.

A few excellent shows coming up shortly. Chuckle Buddies will be Thursday February 9th at MBar in Hollywood. I’m a huge fan of Nick & Evan, and the line-up for these is always top notch. 10pm. Free hugs+. (Yeah, I don’t know what a hug+ is yet, but if its anything like Google+, it’ll probably leave you feeling lonely and used.)

Two days before, on Tuesday the 7th, we’re having another Best Fish Taco show at, coincidentally enough, Best Fish Taco in Ensenada. The line-up features Matt Braunger (NBC’s Up All Night, Comedy Central), Dan Cronin (Conan), DC Pierson (DERRICK Comedy, Mystery Team), Matt Goldich (Letterman, Ellen, Comedy Central), Eliza Skinner, Rory Scovel, Jake Weisman, and more. Been waiting to share a mic with DC and Braunger for like, foreverz, so super stoked for this.

Finally, some huge news coming soon from the Colin Hughes / Brock Wilbur camp. Not to spoil the surprise, but we’ve got a show and it has a regular home at Improv Olympic in Hollywood. We’re… pretty excited. Details to follow.


Filmpocalypse #7: Gas-s-s-s! / Death of the Weekend Poster

Filmpocalypse #7 is running today. Check out the review of Roger Corman’s GAS-S-S-S! on The Junior Varsity, The Script Lab, and Save Point. It’s… not. A gas. Nor is it a solid. Or anything else. Except infuriating. This one became a little live-bloggy, cause– Man. What else to say?

In more fun news, Brockholm Syndrome now also exists as a playlist on Spotify. Click here to get it/subscribe to it. They’ve got like 85% of the songs I used, which is impressive. Yeah, I know it starts a little aggressive, but the first track went up on New Year’s Eve 2010, so how do I not use Thursday’s “Jet Black New Year”? Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

BEHOLD! The poster for Death of the Weekend, the new show curated by Colin Hughes and myself at iO West. First show is Sunday, March 4th at 10:30pm. FREE. Be there! Feel free to download/print/mount/tshirt screen this image onto/into whatever you can. Thanks in advance. And thanks to Joe Filipas from Sugo Media for the design. As always.

Reviews: Sound of Noise & Human Centipede 2 / DOTW Wraps / Act Naturally Poster

Brock Wilbur Round-Up kicks the week off with a proper Sound of Noise review, running at The Junior Varsity and The Script Lab. Sorry it took two years for us to get it in the states. My bad.
Also, a reflection piece on Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, which I guess I really… liked? IN THEORY.
In the comedy world, I have summaries of our March 4th Show, our March 11th Show, and the announcement of all the spectacular talent coming to the stage this Sunday, March 18th. Free as always, at iO West! DEATH OF THE WEEKEND
Brockholm Syndrome is still going strong. Enjoy daily updates on either the website or via Spotify playlist. Welcome Lauren Flans to Twitter. FINALLY. And nerd-out with me over Joanna Robinson’s 115 Reasons We Love Buffy.
And here’s the new movie poster for the film I co-wrote, Act Naturally, now that we’ve done some festival touring. It looks all… respected by our peers… and such….

Act Naturally LA Premiere / Bully / Clone High / 21 Jump Street / The Deep Blue Sea / Filmpocalypse: The Happening & They Live

Boy, all kinds of stuff to catch up on around here.

First and foremost, we did the first group read of my next feature at the home of director Lauren Ludwig. Ugh. I am so happy I can taste blood. That’s… a good thing. I swear.

I performed with Lost Moon Radio at the LA Weekly Theater Awards @ The Avalon. Spent part of my night in a toga, then murdered a dummy, then became Zeus and presented Stuart Gordon of Re-Animator with an award. Pretty fantastic.

Recent writings:

Filmpocalypse 11: The Happening (Junior Varsity) (ScriptLab)
Filmpocalypse 12: They Live (Junior Varsity) (ScriptLab)

Review of Bully (Junior Varsity) (ScriptLab)
Review of The Deep Blue Sea (Junior Varsity) (ScriptLab)

Praise the Lord & Miller: Clone High, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street
Review of 21 Jump Street (Junior Varsity) (ScriptLab)

Things have been going exceptionally well for our weekly comedy show DEATH OF THE WEEKEND. If you’re in LA, come check us out every Sunday night, 10:30pm at IO West, always free. We’ve had some fantastic performers lately, including Jonah Ray, Alice Wetterlund, Dave Ross, Matt Manser, Sean Green, Eric Toms, Josh Androsky, Kat Radley, and Scott Boxenbaum just to name a few. And Meg Swertlow this week. You don’t know her? That’s fine. I’m just excited to have a proper lady on the show. One who dances to At The Drive-In and The Faint when they come on the bar jukebox. Because awesome. Also, my co-host Colin Hughes is yet to engage in fisticuffs with me, so that relationship is going well.

I’ve been doing some other shows as well, including a great Best Fish Taco show with NEAL BRENNAN, TJ MILLER, DJ DOUGGPOUND, and EMILY MAYA MILLS. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS MEANS YAY.

Brockholm Syndrome continues to provide new music every day. Follow my infinite playlist.

Finally, the LA Premiere of Act Naturally, the nudist comedy I co-wrote. It’s Friday, April 27th at the Los Angeles United Film Festival. Tickets for sale here: http://unitedfilmfestival.bigcartel.com/product/act-naturally We’ve also got premiere events in New York, London, and Lake Park, Florida. Coming soon to streaming services and VOD near you!

Fringe Festival / Movie Review Catch-Up / Standup Video

Hey kids. Tonight, this begins:

We’re doing a ton of great FRINGE shows starting with the open mic tonight. If you want a preview of what that might look like… take a gander here at my first real online set release.

Today is my one year anniversary of doing standup. I wrote a piece for first timers with some excellent advice here: http://thejuniorvarsity.org/2012/comedy.html

Also, we’ve set a date. Not for a wedding. For something WAY more important. I’ll be filming my first standup special on September 18th, 2012. It’s the night of my 28th birthday, and Joe Filipas is coming down to direct, and I couldn’t be happier.

Some recent film reviews you may have missed:

Piranha 3DD
Men In Black 3
Beyond The Black Rainbow
Dark Shadows
Moth Diaries
The Three Stooges

Today is the day we fund Lauren Ludwig’s movie, Burn Brightly. Only $300 to go. An amazing short film from an amazing female director. Give it five or ten bucks if you can… just look at how great that video is: BURN BRIGHTLY