Comedy Show Pitches + 28 Years Later Prep

Hey Internet. How’s it going? I’ve been preparing for my comedy special taping on September 18th. I went to the Zombie Apocalypse themed cabin below, in the middle of the desert, to finish transcribing hours and hours of recordings… mostly me talking to myself in the car while stuck in traffic. Ever want to be convinced you are a danger to yourself and others? Try blasting through 13 hours of your own internal monologues in one sitting. Do it in a lonely cabin in the middle of the desert. Drink a lot and keep an axe near by… cause who didn’t love The Shining?

I got into standup comedy to not have deadlines. So this whole thing just feels like madness. Ocean madness….

Now I’m back in LA, preparing for 28 YEARS LATER in earnest.

The Facebook invite is here:

Please share it around and invite some friends.

There will be free food, free booze, and a great show.

UNLESS someone turns on the AC in my apartment. Every joke is currently on a tiny strip of paper in very small piles, so I’m suffering through the heat because the smallest gust of air will set me back… at least a few hours. But am I the kind of man who can recover from that? Probably not.

Being doing at least one show a night for almost three weeks straight, including some out of town gigs in Vegas. It’s been swell, but has also reminded me that I have a list of show ideas that deserve to exist… mostly to showcase these other, much funnier, human beings I get to share a mic with.

The next few weeks I’m prepping for the special and wrapping up a film, but starting in mid-October, life gets a lot less crazy. Between October and January I’d like to launch a few of the shows on this list I’ve been carrying with me, but I know that won’t happen without creative partners (read: comics that like the idea enough they can split some leg work duties with me.) I’ve got some great venues that are already open to a few of these shows, and others that I’d stage in my apartment if we  had to because I love them so much… and a few that are kind of weird and maybe no one would ever want to attend. Obviously these will get made first.

Here’s a list of some recurring comedy show ideas. I’d like to put a few of them up on a monthly basis, and if you’d be interested in doing one of these with me, get in touch and let’s get started. If you’re too busy but want to let me know there’s an idea here that is the kind of thing you’d want to come out for, that’s just as helpful.


 Youlogy / Wake & Bake / Waking Bad: Each month we pick someone and give them a eulogy/living funeral. We’ll put them on the stage, maybe on a bed of pillows or in a large box, and people will go up and treat it like they’ve actually died. Less roast, more like a way of making sure someone we genuinely love in LA gets to feel that outpouring of joy / hear jokes about how they keeled over from over-masturbation. I kinda love this one and would love to do it immediately and forever. If we could find a funeral home that would let us bring in liquor, that would be preferable. We’re going to let you Tom Sawyer the hell out of your own funeral… and let’s be honest, what is the average comedian life expectancy? Let’s get on this. Now.

Deleted Scenes: We pick a movie each month and screen it. Each comedian picks a point in the movie where they’d like to do their set, either explaining a scene they wish had occurred at this point or riffing on the film as a whole. A great way to watch some of the best or worst films of all time together with some of our friends while tearing them down. Imagine “Ghost Busters” or “Hackers” or “Donnie Darko” or “Jason X”, the one where he goes to space!

Character Assassination: A standup show for long-form character work/entire sets done without breaking character. Having operated out of iO for much of this year, I know a lot of improv kids who want to step into standup with sets like this and it would be great for them to have their own show. Similarly, I’ve always had a few ideas and no place to properly stage them, and I like the idea of encouraging other performers and writers to step outside their comfort zone. Maybe you’ve been performing in character for years, under the name Andy Sell, and now’s the time to try a character people might actually enjoy. WHO KNOWS?!?

Flux Capacitor: This is a standup show where we announce the year the show will be taking place in. Imagine five or six comics all performing material for 1984, 3012, or at a point 10 days in the future. I’d really love to do one of these shows just before the election this year, and set the Flux Capacitor for the exact same date four years in the future, on the eve of the next election, so each comic could explore who won and how that worked out for us, and who the next round of nominees are.

The Mix Tape: Each month we pick a theme for a mix-tape. Each comic brings two songs for inclusion and performs a bit on each song while the track plays underneath them. At the end of the show, we give a copy of the mix tape to everyone who came out.

Casting Couch/Acting Real: Preparing for acting auditions is still the most hilarious thing in the goddamned world to me. You work out these long performances of monologues, or are given sides for a scene but provided no context, go perform it once for a group of casting people, and then no one ever speaks of it again. I’d love to run this show as almost an open mic for actors. We have a few comics on stage that serve as the producers, and actors can bring out scenes or weird crap they were forced to do, perform it for a crowd, and then we can all discuss where they went “wrong” and where we, as a generation, did the same.

Show & Hell: Show and Tell was the only thing I was any good at in school. I’d like to do that again now. Would love comics to bring in something from their homes or offices that means a lot to them and do a sort of storytelling show around it. It’s a simple idea and exactly the kind of show I’d love to come out for. Don’t know why I called it “Hell”? It probably doesn’t need to be that extreme.

Klosterfuck: This is one that may only appeal to the Dave Schillings amongst you who do a lot of Thought Piece writing, but I’d love to continue the reading series work of SAMO and expanded it into book selections and other such nonsense. Also, I feel like I have to pay Dave Ross money if I use the word “fuck” in a show title, which is why the earlier suggestion wasn’t “Fucks Capacitor.”

Cut!: This is an hour long show divided into two half-hours. In each half of the show, a comedian performs their set while a different improv group waits behind them. The improv team can cut away to demonstrate or expanded upon any of the scenes or ideas that the comic has presented, but only for a maximum of one minute, and then it’s back to the comic in set. 2 comics and 2 improv teams per show, teaching Scrubs how comedy is really done!

Free Cocaine: I want a show where there is free cocaine. I know many of you are saying “that’s every show!” but it isn’t free because I’m tired of paying for it. Also, people would come and it would make for eye-catchin posters.


Anyway, if you think you’d like to co-produce one of these shows with me on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and feel like doing some of the early leg work now or in the next couple of months, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or at booking [at] deathoftheweekend [dot] com.


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