Brett Neveu’s Christmas Bytes: A Kickstarter To Kick/Start Now!

This is CHRISTMAS BYTES, a feature film about love and video games and growing up and the 80s. It was written by my favorite screenwriting teacher and all around awesome guy Brett Neveu, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign today.

Now Your Friends Close has a sister film!

I encourage you all to check out their KICKSTARTER PAGE immediately. Not only is Dule Hill a producer (PSYCH RULES), but the other behind the scenes talent include people who brought us films like “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” and “Wild Things”; a DP who worked with Robert Altman; a star actor who is playing General Zod in the new Man of Steel film… HOLY CRAP YOU GOT ZOD?

But check out the artists and musicians they’ve assembled to make this movie not only a perfect recreation of Christmas morning 1982, but also to put together the finest list of rewards I’ve ever seen for a video game Kickstarter. Autographed books and music and even an Atari-style movie tie-in game? IT WOULD BE MADNESS NOT TO SUPPORT THIS RIGHT NOW.

This is the part in the middle of the article where I remind everyone I have a comedy special taping in LA in less than two weeks. Here’s the Facebook Event page so please RSVP:

Back to CHRISTMAS BYTES: I got a chance to read the script a few months ago… I don’t have words to explain how great it is. In my opinion, the best thing Brett has ever done, and if you look at his extensive list of awards and shows, you’ll know that’s saying a lot.

Here’s an Atari Testimonial Video I donated to their campaign:


Here is Brett Neveu’s gamer interview: