28 Years Later is wrapped

We’ve wrapped production on my comedy special, 28 YEARS LATER. Wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved in the production, especially those of whom did excellent work for little to no money, because if you are a person who has money, they are well worth it:

Joe Filipas for directing. Joe has been a friend for years and one of the few creative voices I trust to line up with my own. He is also in the dictionary next to “Midwestern Nice” and his careful planning (read: constant harassment) was what kept this train on the tracks. He’s out of Minnesota, but his company Sugo Media does marketing work for everything from candy bars to theater groups. Hire this man.

Michael LaBreche for saving my ass (read: DP): From magical nothingness he produced a camera team and most of our equipment, and then disappeared into the night. He worked with us for three days on transportation, pre-prod, accepting and delivering rentals, and just about everything else one could expect from a work horse. He’s a great LA based director/editor who also did my ALLPOCALYPSE shoot at Death of the Weekend, and is the director of THE INDEPENDENTS, a documentary on indie-comic creators. Hire this man. (Bonus shout out to Bruce Monach for coming out last minute to man a camera. I’ve worked with Bruce for eight years and he’s a hell of a guy. Check out his webseries here.)

Dave McKeever who ran sound like a champ, and even found a way to remove the sound of the GIANT FANS running at the back of the room to keep us all from bursting into flames. He’s also a great editor and a master of open-toed sandals. Hire, hire, hire.

Brandon Baruch quit his job to work on this special. I’m not joking. He’s now a freelance lighting dude, and the most attractive man I’ve ever known. He’s won awards for his theater/award show work here in LA, and he managed to rig up all of our lights and program them in a fraction of the time it would take any other designer I’ve ever worked with. More so than anyone on the team, Brandon came in with a clear vision of exactly what this show was going to be, and we mostly deferred to his leadership. This guy MADE 28 Years Later… unless you listen to the CD. Can you hear excellent light design? Probably. He is, as mentioned, now completely available for work so give him a call ASAP.

Dana LaRue saved me, as usual, from having to do any actual work. She exec produced the hell out of this show and handled all the logistics and last minute problems that I couldn’t wrap my mind around, since it was busy being on fire. I could not be luckier to know her, or to have someone of her skill managing our entire team. Check out her work over at her blog The Broke-Ass Bride.

Ed Galvez is a dangerous man to know. He’s been one of my biggest supporters in the standup world, and I’ve taken to calling the mornings after our hangouts “Galvez Hangovers” because he is a dangerous man to know. He gave an excellent performance at the show, and also set aside time throughout the week to help me clean up the original three-hour run time of the show.. so if you came and left without hating me, he’s the man to thank. Do so by checking out his podcast or hitting up his consistently top-tier show PUNK HOUSE out of the Westside Comedy Theater.

Zoe Chevat is better than this. She’s a fiercely talented artist/animator who was kind enough to design the show poster/DVD cover of… just epic epicness. She’s also one of the writer/editor types over at The Mary Sue, where she makes me glad I’ve stopped making movies, for fear of being devastated by her review. You need show art/commercial work? She’s your gal. (PS She’s getting started in comedy. Put her on a show if you want to get the lady version of Dylan Moran.)

Nick Clark and Evan Gaustad for hosting the show. Their semi-regular show Chuckle Buddies is a guaranteed chuckle-victory and as a screenwriting duo they’re like Batman and Robin… or maybe Robin and Robin; there isn’t really an alpha male here. They tricked an audience into chanting my name and that’s the closest I’ll ever be to Stephen Colbert. Find them and love them.

Megan Koester has given up on a professional level. Seriously. She owns She’s also one of my favorite voices in the LA comedy scene and one of the only people whose shows I will actively seek out on an off night, because I have no idea what she might do. Find a way to see more of her.

Andy Sell was the first LA comic to treat me real good. Like fancy rings and hairbrushes and exotic beers. He runs shows on Wednesday out of Dangerfields and Sunday out of Silverlake Lounge and someday I’m going to see God do a really tight seven on why Andy Sell doesn’t exist.

Nancy Freeman for building my set and sticking around all night to serve drinks and help with.. everything. I don’t know why you did it, but thanks for making it happen. She did that impressive backdrop work at cost, and that cost was shockingly low. Theater friends: TAP THIS… as a resource.

Megan Curran for the least awful photo-shoot of my life (read: awesome) with bonus post-shoot drinking. If you need headshots please book her immediately, as she’s charging about half what she should. Also, she’s a librarian who likes skeletons and other art shit. So you can talk about that, instead of how you’re trying to find the right light to trick people into thinking you’re 15-30% more attractive than you are.

Club Fais Do-Do for being incredible to work with and dealing with all of my special needs… and not hating me for the layer of sticky jello-shot residue that will not soon come off those tables. Get in touch with Amanda and put up an event there. I’ve loved that place ever since my first Lost Moon Radio show, and I can’t thank them enough for all the help, including spelling my name BROCK WILRUB on the marquee.

Richard Ragsdale for being the best zombie in the world. (Wait until you see our intro video… I could barely look at him while we filmed.)

Becky Buenik for making my suit jacket into a sweeeeeet jacket.

Robert Buscemi for being dandy. A lot of comedians wrote with encouraging words and little bits of advice, and I thank you all. Robert, whose comedy recordings should be tracked down by you immediately, spent an afternoon offering elder wisdom and direction, and I know the show wouldn’t have come together without him. Put him in your gosh dang comedy shows.

Sofiya Alexandra for holding my hand. And then using it to make me hit myself. And then asking me why I was hitting myself. She’s great.

Megan Baker for coming out last minute to be our Still Photographer. She operates as Hipster Comedy Photography, and lives up to her name… if that name also included the word Bitchin’.

Punk House, The End of the World Show, Turbo Tuesdays, Bomb Shelter, The Parlor Social, Hump Show, This Is New, Geekscape, Sad People Talking, Keep It Clean, Whiz Bang, New York Comedy Hour, Venice Underground, and The 4 & 20 Show: These shows all went out of their way to book me in extra time or pencil me in for last minute slots and without them, I would have fallen on my face up there. Track down these shows and attend.

Rick Wood for joining Death of the Weekend this month, and generally covering my ass as I disappeared into a pre-production K-hole. He’s a great comic and an even better host, especially if you’re looking for someone to threaten your audience into attending your special… It got weird. Check out his new podcast WAR ON IDIOCY.

Lucy Savage and everyone at PBR for sponsoring: Next time we’ll have to triple our order, as we were complete dry by the time Koester took the stage. Although if some of the aggressive hugging/yelling post-show is anything to go by, that was exactly enough.

My family, including my little sister: I appreciate everything you guys did to make me the kind of person that would do this kind of terrible thing. That’s why I’m making sure to thank you, just after PBR, because you are truly the co-sponsors of the night. (I love you and you’ve been great, but thank you for not coming. I’m not ready to say that stuff about my genitals in front of you.)

Thanks to you, everyone who came out! And to you, who couldn’t make it, you’ll have a chance to celebrate my birthday in Late October when the special goes up for download. Thanks for the well-wishes and RTs and your support, whatever form it took, was appreciated.