Script Lab, The Beaver, Time F.U.X.

New Writer for The Script Lab

You want reviews of new movies before they come out? Perhaps analyzed to maximize screenwriting education? Perhaps biting and clever? Perhaps written by Brock Wilbur?
No? I don’t care. You’re getting them anyway.
Today I joined the fantastic team at THE SCRIPT LAB. Look for lots of film coverage and fun stuff coming soon.

The Beaver: Human Disaster Movie

Check out my review of Mel Gibson (actor) and The Beaver (movie) and Mel Gibson (human experiment) at:

OR, my first official review for The Script Lab at:
“And that’s why a part of you will wind up cheering for Mel Gibson. Because if he can come back from this, you can too. Because no matter who you are, you’re just not as fucked as that guy. 
(All apologies, Charlie Sheen.)”

Time F.U.X. Site Live

In late 2010, I was hired to develop an animated series. In mid-2011, the pilot’s production was cancelled. Rather than letting the terribly inappropriate show die and be forgotten about, we’re going to start producing all the episodes I wrote, in radio teleplay format.

Check out the just launched site to find out more about Time F.U.X.