JV 90’s Nostalgia Wrap Up + Save Point

The end of the month wraps up our 30 part series on 1990’s Nostalgia over at the Junior Varsity. It started with Mike Placito’s Opening Salvo and ends with guest writer Adam Bertocci’s “A Modest Case For Ben Affleck“. You might know Adam from his Shakespearean adaptation of “The Big Lebowski”, know as Two Gentlemen of Lebowski”, which is available HERE.

The entire series is well worth the read, and moves from joyful to revealing to painful in just about every instance. Truly, a remarkable run that I’m proud to have been a part of. I contributed the articles on Game Gear, Music in the 90’s, and the movie “Hackers“. Also, somewhere in the middle of that run, is my article on Kickstarting The Future, and my reviews of “A Better Life” and “Green Lantern”.

Also, since you’ve all been keeping up with YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE (which we still NEED donations for in the next four days!) you’ll know that we’ve acquired the talents of Yahtzee Croshaw, Jane McGonigal, and Lisa Foiles, who runs the blog Save Point. I’ve just joined on as a contributor, and they’ll be re-running my Game Gear article on the site today. Check back soon for new game criticism and other such antics, like my forthcoming piece on how LA Noire DLC is better than the core game.