Act Naturally Pre-Release Screenings & The Comedy Store Show

Act Naturally Pre-Release Screenings

The time has finally come to unleash “Act Naturally” upon the world.

If you don’t know, ActNat is a film I co-wrote and acted in, about two girls who unwittingly inherit their dead father’s nudist resort. We’ve been doing a series of early screenings, in both clothed and “clothing optional” formats. There’s a few upcoming screenings, including the first in Los Angeles proper.

Even if you don’t like the movie, there’s a guarantee of seeing naked people, both on screen and sitting next to you. That’s something. Right? I mean, you’ll like the movie… but still, just in case. Naked bits.

Act Naturally Los Angeles Preview Screening
Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 8:00pm
Busby’s East, Los Angeles, CA. 90036
Q&A to Follow

Also have screenings in Toronto and Maryland coming up.

Like the Act Naturally Facebook Page for updates and screening locations, as they become added.

(Excellent article on the making of the film/technical work by our DP, Dustin Pearlman… I just now got that thing with his initials. That’s fantastic.)


Stand Up Show @ The Comedy Store (June 13)

A little more of a heads up this time…I’ll be doing a set at The Comedy Store – Main Room for Comedy Madness with Michael Quu. The show is Monday, June 13th at 9:30pm, and I promise to be “deceptively awesome”. That should give me some wiggle room.

If you’re planning on coming, let me know, as tickets for my guests are only $5, within a maximum of 50 people. If you’re my 51st friend, I promise to pay for your entire ticket so you don’t feel bad. Although that just makes it even worse for 52….

Inevitable Productions: Jason & Becca Wedding Video

Over on the Inevitable Productionswebsite, we’ve got a new video up from another awesome wedding. A kick-ass couple and a kick-ass wedding, set to the music of The Cars.If you want to book us for your wedding, now’s the time. Check out all our info here: www.inevitableproductions.com

In other wedding news: as of Friday night, my little sister Brooke Wilbur is now Mrs. Brooke Vinson. Congrats to her and Landon!

Stand Up Show @ The Comedy Store (June 6th)

I’ll be doing a stand-up set in the Main Room of the Comedy Store in LA on the night of Monday, June 6th. It’s the Comedy Madness show with Michael Quu, Skippy Greene and Eric Schwartz. Show starts at 8pm at 8433 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069.
So that is happening.
Come watch me bring the house down. Or crash and burn. Either way it’ll be spectacular.