The Socratic Puppies Meme, Inception, My 2010 in Lists

JV: The Socratic Puppies meme is already played out:


“Cultural criticism eating itself from the inside out…

It’s like watching a red giant implode into a black hole, but with puppies.”


JV: Franchise rights available

Part 1 in a 7-part series on Inception.


“It’s not just a small group of people with one or two devices, because corporations train their top people to defend against mind attacks. So how many devices are out there? Is this Black Ops stuff, or is it the sort of thing that gets reported on the nightly news? How much does a sleep kit run you? Can I get it from Sharper Image or even SkyMall? Jesus, they’d better sell it in SkyMall…”

Later Addition: http://www.thejuniorvarsity.org/2010/inceptioncost.html


JV: My Year in Lists: Brock Wilbur

The things we loved about 2010.


“Best TV Moment of 2010: The Walking Dead makes hyperviolent horror acceptable (and extremely profitable) for a show on AMC?”