Conan & Edgar Wright

JV: Coco Rebellion

I attended the fateful Coco Rebellion of Burbank on MLK Day. Best. Protest. Ever.


In the end, this is probably exactly what Conan fans should want for him. Nothing puts it all into perspective like Conan’s comment during his Tuesday night show. When discussing the rumors that he won’t be able to take his characters with him: “Only in America can a cigar smoking dog and a masturbating bear be considered intellectual property. USA! USA!”

JV: God bless Edgar Wright

Part 5 in a weeklong series on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

“For whatever flaws the film may have, it’s impossible to count out Pilgrim as the best non–Baz Luhrmann musical in a very long time. And it succeeds in a way Luhrmann never could. Pilgrim makes its audience — no matter what audience it is — feel like it’s somehow too old for the subject matter, even when referencing video games from 1983. It’s young and punk and better than all of us.”